3 essential teas to help build pathogen-proof immunity

Our immune system is a network that communicates within the body responding to the pathogens we come in contact with. It can be built with extra intelligence from plants because they already have a strong system in place to battle parasites. Having explained that, our 3 Build ImmuniTea Teas are the best to boost your resistance power.1. Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Disease-causing bacteria can harm us by causing damage to the cells in our body. Antioxidants (tonnes if it is in our tea) - prevent or slow the damage and ensure the good microbes are fighting. With an earthy taste and the aroma of freshly mown grass, this tea will become every Nature lover’s favourite!

It also fulfills every caffeine lover’s dream pumping energy up in the body and mind the healthy way!

2. Spice It Up

You can never go wrong with this tea because spice adds flavour to everything in life! It can be used to clear a blocked nose or as a remedy for common cough. But don’t limit its benefits to just these. This tea detoxifies (rich in antioxidants), aids in weight loss, keeps your blood sugar levels in check and boosts immunity.

Did you think this was it? Well, there’s more this tea has to offer you!
The woody aroma of cardamom and cloves with some hot black pepper and fruity-sweet star anise-cinnamon gives you this wonder of a tea.
One sip is enough to give you major FOMO every time it’s not within your reach!

3. All Season Tea Blend
Our Master Tea Blender Jiten Sheth came up with this tea majorly for you to bid adieu to feeling salty. It’s a mixture of different tastes. The organic moringa leaves bring in sweetness in this blend while ginger sticks to being spicy and lemongrass acts like the floral touch that delicately balances the bitterness of ashwagandha and cuddles with your taste buds. It works best on pumping up immunity, calming the nervous system, regulating mood swings, and we can go on about it but well duh, you already know what it’s worth!

Do they all sound tempting enough to confuse you with which one to choose? We know the feeling. The taste and benefits will guide you to “The One or All”, meant for you! Shop now and own these supers!

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