5 best caring gifts that are useful & giving

Gifting evokes the most beautiful feeling ever. In order to delve into that feeling, you need to go all out when presenting someone with something really special.

A gift should show off the efforts put in from the giver. That’s how the receiver will know your thoughts for them.
Be it a friend, a lover, a loved one, your inspiration, or someone you respect a lot - gifts best communicate what’s in your heart. And guess what, keeping all of this in mind, we have curated some amazing care packages in Boxes of Love that are equally thoughtful, very useful, and giving in every sense.

1. Japanese Love Gift Box
First tip of gifting is that you spend more time and thought on finding the perfect one. The good news here is that we’ve made for you, an elegant box of two exquisite tea canisters holding two amazing teas - Japanese Sencha Green Tea (Bronze) and our very own Tea Garden Tea Blend. It also comes with a stainless steel tea infuser that makes brewing loose leaf teas easy!
2. Green Tea Discovery Gift Box
Fulfill a need. More than wishing them good health, you could just present it to them in a fancy box of three designer tins containing our Dooars Green Tea, Organic Smoky Green Tea and Lemongrassy Hibiscus Tea Blend. The tins are designed to preserve the aroma of our teas and make for a wonderful, useful gift that conveys your message of wanting them to be healthy and well, always!
3. Start Your Day Like A Boss Gift Set
For the ones who run errands, complete chores, crush tight deadlines, and slay office meetings. Remind them that their worth is incomparable, with our delightful Gift box that comes with a Bold and Bright Pink mug with Golden Designer Handle, Organic Red Rooibos Tea (0% caffeine), and our Minty Yerba Mate Tea Blend. This amazing combo is an exceptionally wonderful choice for anyone just starting out with tea and getting on the #HealthyAddiction path.
4. Matters Of The Heart Gift Set
A gift speaks what the heart feels. When in your heart you want to hold onto their hand forever, let them know that with our pretty gift box of Simao Green Tea, Yunnan Black Tea, Gold Bud Black Tea, and Yunnan Green Tea. These teas that promote heart health, should be your go-to, when giving a thoughtful but wholesome and enriching gift.
5. Tea! The Miracle Plant, Self Care Package
At the end of the day, we tend to forget who should be the most important and deserving of a gift - YOU! Yes, it’s good to sometimes get yourself something grand to relieve your senses and your body. We have hence created a delightful care package consisting of an aromatic Spiritual Fantasy Candle, GreenTeas - Simao and Dooars, and a Lime Green Mug. Light the candle, brew a warm cuppa of your choice, and pour it into our lovely mug and treat yourself to a calm, relaxing evening or a morning - your choice!
Now all you’ve got to do is pick and choose the one that suits the needs of the one on the receiving end of the gift. If you’re not sure about that, go for any of the 5 Boxes mentioned above, we assure you, they won’t be disappointed at all!

In case this wasn’t all enough, we have a few collections of gifts put together lovingly to make your choosing process easier with our Premium Gifting Collection and Tea Care Packages!

There are also a few categories which could really help you out with picking the one best suiting your budget with
1. Gifts for Him & Her

2. Gifts Rs. 5000 & Under

3. Gifts Rs. 5000 & Above

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