5 Best Matcha Gifting Ideas

Summer is kicking in and so we made a gifting guide that will remind and encourage your adored receivers to find their health-time, relax, slow down yet enjoy the gifts to the fullest! Matcha Gifts are a great idea for any green tea lover or someone who needs a serene cuppa -  the hustler wife who can’t sleep better after a long day of work from home and excessive caffeine, or the gym-enthusiast brother who needs a potent drink before his workout. Matcha has long been the preferred green tea of discerning palates, but today more than ever it is becoming a superfood drink whose taste is fast acquiring across generations.

Explore our Matcha Gifting range and watch your loved ones fall in love with them. Once they discover a Matcha by TDT, that is all they will drink! Curated with incredible care, this collection is a bespoke reflection of authentic Japanese tea traditions in terms of thought, quality and design. Only the highest quality of Matcha powder and tools are used for each product and set. 

Organic Matcha 
One of the finest you could ever find, this premium Matcha is an elegant gift that your special one will treasure for a long, long time. The refined and earthy sweetness of this green tea slowly meets umami undertones, a flavour profile perfected by nourishing misty air of the tea farms. It is not just an ordinary green tea but reflects soulful traditions and ancient growing methods of shading that allow this tea to develop its signature bright green hue and grassy flavours.

Matcha Set of 3
This sampler pack of 3 precious Matchas is a good choice when you want to leave it to your dear one to explore different Matcha grades and ascertain the best one for your palate.

This sampler set includes 15g packs of -
Matcha - an energizing beverage with lush green textures
Spring Matcha - creamy and vibrant with the goodness of Spring
Organic Matcha - smooth and full-bodied, also great as refreshing iced lattes

Black Matcha Tea Set
This gift set is perfect for a Matcha lover, who loves to take the time out, whisk his Matcha with love and enjoy it with the morning sunrise or evening chat. Our Black Matcha Tea Set includes essential accessories for matcha making at home and makes for an excellent tea-gift for your dear one!

1 Traditional Matcha Bamboo Whisk
1 Black Ceramic Whisk Holder
1 Black colour ceramic Matcha mixing bowl
1 Matcha Bamboo Spoon
Watch them enjoy an energizing cup of Matcha with this Matcha accessories kit. This set is also available in the Green Matcha Tea Set version with a white bowl and a green holder.

Matcha Spring
Nature at its best, this meadowy Spring matcha showers you with a delicate sweetness and vibrancy that resocks your hustle everyday. A true Matcha that is ideal to gift a go-getter who needs too-matcha energy!
This spring-harvested green tea whose young leaves create a matcha so creamy and vibrant, it effortlessly enlivens your morning. Mild springtime infuses delicate sweetness with very little astringency that pushes you to restock your hustle with this energy powerhouse drink. Ready for too-matcha energy?

We're A Matcha Made in Heaven  
Share this gift of positivi-tea with your loved ones, as they divulge the nuanced flavours of a magnificent matcha shade-grown with expertise and care. Each element of this matcha set contributes to an authentic brew experience. A good whisk is an essential tool in matcha making and helps to blend the matcha powder in the bowl with the right motion to form a creamy, frothy layer of bright green foam on the top of the bowl.

This set Includes
1 Organic Matcha Green Tea 25 gms
1 Cream colour ceramic Matcha mixing bowl
1 Traditional Matcha Bamboo Whisk
1 Green Ceramic Whisk Holder
1 Matcha Bamboo Spoon
One of the reasons why Matcha is so popular as a gifting option too is because of the sheer large range of brewing, culinary and beauty alternatives it offers. It can be mixed into a latte or added into a smoothie and for the more creative ones, it is a flexible baking ingredient to create matcha cheesecakes, macarons and cakes! Matcha is loaded with antioxidants and hence, is amazing even for skin-care. These are gifts that are healthful yet indulgent creamy and delicious with an intense flavour. So, sip slowly because you may either love the taste or have some thoughts about it. But it will certainly create a lasting impression that will make you want to try it again!

To explore more varieties of Matchas and other Teas, please click here. At TDT, we also take corporate orders and can customize teas and tea-gifts for large and small orders too.

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