5 things you didn’t know about Black Tea!

One of the most consumed beverages in the world, Black Tea is derived from the magical plant Camellia Sinensis which can produce more than 1000 varieties of tea. Not only does this tea enjoy great popularity due to its taste notes, it is also often misunderstood and under-rated when it comes to health properties. If you’ve already made an opinion about this versatile tea type, think again. The below facts are sure to blow your mind away!


The good caffeine in Black Tea enhances blood flow to the brain & stimulates metabolism, giving a high dose of energy to the body. While coffee also provides energy, it only lasts for a short while and the body experiences jitters as one of the many side effects.

On the other hand, tea contains anti-oxidants which slow down the absorption of caffeine into the blood stream, resulting in gentler increase of caffeine in the system and longer period of alertness.

  • BLACK TEA = CHAI KI PATTI? Not really!

A popular belief is that Black Tea is the same as Chai Ki Patti found in various Indian households. Not true! The tea found in most homes is in powdered form & the healthiest way to consume Black Tea is in the form of whole loose leaves.

Whole Leaf varieties of Black Tea are found all over the world. Simply pour warm water over the black tea leaves, letting them steep, cooling the tea down and drinking it, one sip at a time. One may also add milk, sugar or spices to enhance the taste of black tea although ITMA certified tea blender, Jiten Sheth recommends drinking it in its purest form.


If you thought Black Tea is just another caffeinated beverage, you’re highly mistaken. The reputation that Black Tea enjoys today is that of a tasty energizer. However, the health benefits of Black Tea are abundant!

Heart Health

Studies prove that individuals who consume 3 or more cups of Black Tea in a day have a 21% lower risk of a heart stroke

Oral Health

The polyphenols in Black Tea restrict bacteria growth that promotes formation of cavities and tooth decays.

Stress Relief

An amino acid called L-Theanine in Black Tea is known to help one relax and concentrate better. The beverage can also reduce levels of the stress hormone- cortisol if consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis.

Weight Loss

Black Tea helps lose weight in multiple ways. It contains anti-oxidants called flavonoids which keep obesity at bay. The tannins present in black tea also have a therapeutic effect on the intestine, thus contributing to healthier digestion. However, Black Tea must be consumed without sugar, milk or any unhealthy additives to reap complete benefits.

Stronger Immune System

The tannins in the Black Tea also help fight viruses and boost immunity levels.


The taste of black tea entirely depends on multiple factors- the origin, type, water used, brewing time and temperature. For example, the first flush Darjeeling Black Tea if brewed correctly will give a light flavor with amazing aroma whereas the second flush possesses a fruity flavor. Similarly, Ceylon Black Tea also has a fruity flavor and Yunnan Black Tea has a floral aromatic essence.

Hence, the general assumption that Black Tea only tastes strong is a myth!


Authentic loose Black Tea leaves from Ceylon, China and Japan when brewed release a light, golden color. That’s not all! A special black tea type from China known as Gongfu releases red color when brewed. Hence, it is also known as Gongfu Red Tea.

One of the other masterpieces of the Black Tea library is the Golden Needle Black Tea from China which not only releases a golden brew but also possesses leaves that are golden in color!

With so attributes and offerings, no wonder Black Tea is one of the most commonly consumed teas in the world. As they say, once you go black, you’ll never go back!