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Handpicked for you to Tea-tox

If it’s a fancy Parisian tea party on your mind or a simple ‘meet over’ on a pleasant early morning; tea is that comforting companion that people of all ages can relate to, and indulge in without worry! And oh boy, won’t we all agree that comfort and relaxation have been in short-supply given the year we left behind. Life as we knew it, has changed and brought us new experiences, new lessons and a whole new world. Through it all, we have learnt that the beauty of life is in, how it infuses colour, flavour and aromas with time. Just how a wholesome cup of tea brews beautifully through heat!

To usher in a new beginning and to empower you to welcome the new world that awaits, we handpicked the best of our finest tea-blends for a flavourful tea-tox. Ready to explore teas that will shower you with feel-good love and healthful benefits? Read on and shortlist -

Meet mellow Gyokuro

Mellow and sweet, the Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea is like a tranquil melody. You will naturally soak in its light, meditative Sencha flavours, which remind you to enjoy the moment right here, right now.

Taste Notes: Mellow and sweetKnow more about your tea

  • Japanese Gyokuro translates as "jewel dew" owing to the pale emerald hue of its infusion.
  • These tender Japanese whole tea leaves are shaded and protected as they grow in a fertile low-garden soil; this differentiates them from other Sencha varieties.
  • Even today, they are traditionally grown under the shade of straw mats, to create a light, and rejuvenating flavour when you sip the tea.

Best Time to brew: Daylight to Twilight

Try it because

Being a relaxant, it is indeed a boon for your cardiovascular health. It is also rich in antioxidants and works hard behind the scenes to improve mental alertness.

Deep detox

Here’s your busy-lifestyle saviour in disguise. A treasured tea recipe, the Ayurveda Detox Tea Blend allows you to detox and glow with its cooling properties. Whether you need a grandmother’s concoction dose, or when you’re down with indigestion, sit back and sip to feel its soothing magic.

Taste Notes: Refreshing and sour

Sweet and refreshing flavours from Coriander, Fennel and Black Cumin come together to give you a deep cleanse. You will know it’s actually working and flushing out toxins thanks to its subtle, sour undertones. As you sip, you can feel the astringent essence of fennel enhanced by cumin, coriander and sweetened by a secret spice mix.

Know more about your tea

The usage of fennel dates back to (745-815 AD). Over centuries, this intense flavoured spice has seen varying uses. Fennel roots were used as flavouring in a popular drink during Shakespearian times.

Best Time to brew: Anytime

Why is it good for you?

This soulful Ayurvedic blend re-engineers your digestion and promotes detoxification. It also helps to cure respiratory disorders, improve immunity, lower blood pressure, relieve menstrual concerns and repair skin.

Plus, it comes in a Hustle Hard tin that pushes you to be a go-getter and keep your spirits charged!

Singing Matcha tunes

Think finely ground, chlorophyll rich leaves obtained from the first Spring harvest. This is why Japanese Matcha Spring Tea is also known as perfection in a cup. Try it once and its detoxifying elements and smooth, lush texture will easily substitute your morning cup of caffeine dose in a healthy fashion.

Taste Notes: Grassy, earthy, and creamy

Because it is plucked during the first harvest of Spring, this matcha is powdered from the most tender leaves, resulting in the flawless, creamy flavor with a hint of bitterness. Japanese Spring Matcha’s slightly bitter, vegetal taste and vibrant green color comes from the leaves' high chlorophyll levels.

Know more about your tea

  • Matcha boasts of about 70X more antioxidants than orange juice, and an array of other health benefits!
  • Originally, Matcha was only consumed by Buddhist monks, the samurai and Japan’s royal families.
  • The Samurai would drink it right before hitting the battlefield to energize themselves for a long battle, as Matcha is known to provide sustained energy levels for about four to six hours.

Best Time to brew: Morning

Why should you try it?

This stone-mill ground green-tea powder is a calming beverage that boosts your memory and metabolism, detoxifies the body, while lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. It is also known to have cancer-fighting properties. Matcha gives you a long and consistent source of energy. Acquire a taste for Matcha and you will never stop exploring its beauty, culinary and other uses.

So, why not add a dash of Matcha energy to your mornings and live to the fullest, with this precious tea gift from Spring!

You can also enjoy Matcha holiday traditions with your friends and family; try the We're A Matcha Made in Heaven Complete Set which is on a flat 50% discount until stock lasts. This set comes along with a Bamboo Whisk, the authentic traditional tool to prepare a perfect cup of matcha, a ceramic whisk holder, a matcha bowl and a bamboo matcha spoon to scoop the tea powder. You can also try the Black Matcha Tea Set and Japanese Matcha Spring Tea together as a gift set. We can customise different products into a gifting box for you.

Spicy citrus

Looking for an effortlessly healthy refreshment? Sit back and relax, we found it for you in the Lemongrassy Hibiscus Tea. Isn’t it amazing how the most treasured health secrets are right before us, waiting to be discovered! Introducing the humble yet healthful hibiscus with vibrant aromas of cinnamon and lemongrass in a blend so harmonious, you’ll sip on and ask why we didn’t tell you about it earlier.

Taste Notes: Fun, Sour with a hint of spice

Know more about your tea

  • Lemongrass is a preferred herb around the world, for its countless health benefits and soothing citrusy scent. It is also useful to treat common colds and flu.
  • With over 200 species worldwide, a hibiscus full-bloom flower opens early morning and lasts only until late afternoon the same day, making it important to source it on time.
  • Long ago, the 3rd key spice in this blend, cinnamon used to be as rare and precious as saffron is today!

Both lemongrass and hibiscus steep extra spoonfuls of antioxidants to your cup and help build your immune system, while cinnamon is a known cure for a range of ailments.

Best Time to brew: Anytime

Why is it good for you?

The Lemongrassy Hibiscus tea blend is packed with vitamin C, and is good for the nervous system, controls cholesterol, blood pressure and blood-sugar levels, and aids weight loss. It’s also caffeine-free, making it great to be sipped even late in the evenings.

Countless health benefits with a refreshing and zesty taste? Yes, please!

Not just an ordinary Green Tea 

Smash your fitness goals with the purest, Dragonwell Green Tea. As unique as the shape of its leaves is, so is its prominence as a miraculous and healing tea. Grown across large mountain ranges in regions of heavy rainfall and cloudy skies, this is a shade-grown tea, heated in large woks until the leaves attain the perfect texture, all while gently crushing and tossing them.

Taste Notes: Grassy

Hand-roasting this unique tea creates a deep layered taste profile. It speaks of earthy and nutty flavours with mild, crisp undertones.

Know more about your tea

  • Dragonwell tea was once considered to be the "tea of the emperors". The plant was granted this imperial status by an emperor during the Qing Dynasty after the plant cured his mother.
  • The highest grade of Dragonwell Green Tea is the most tender and flavourful, amongst the other grades.

Best Time to brew: Daylight to Twilight

Why should you try it?

It is an anti-aging tea and an excellent remedy to fatigue and tiredness. The distinctive flavour arising from hand-roasting these jade green whole leaves also helps in weight-loss and digestion.

Sit back, relax and bask in this glorious Green Tea that has shown its magic through centuries.

Tea for the body, mind and spirit

Artisanally plucked, organic White Bai Mudan leaves meet French Lavender buds, and create a White Lavender Paradise. Divine! Rich, fluffy, and velvety whole leaves of this blend are a natural mood enhancer.

Taste Notes Soft, woody and refreshing. 

The unique style of its plucking to retain a large portion of the leaf, creates a well-rounded balance of sweet and woody scents. It brims with fruity and herbaceous notes, making it an optimum serve, both hot and cold.

Know more about your tea

★ Bai Mu dan (White Peony) translates as ‘two leaves and one bud’, the style followed for plucking this tea.

★ The signature plucking style creates a characteristic complex and fruity flavour. It is also described as the most beautiful reincarnation of the Peony fairy! 

Best Time to brew: Daylight to twilight

Why is it good for you?

It removes toxins, promotes relaxation, aids digestive care and is an instant lift-me-up. With its soft and refreshing taste notes, say goodbye to stress and strike a wholesome balance.

Say hello to Oolong goodness

Tea breaks are sure to be a blissful treat with the floral charm of Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea. The carefully curled, smooth whole leaves of this oolong tea, effortlessly enhance your mood bringing therapeutic freshness all the way from the hills.

Taste Notes: Floral and smooth

Know more about your tea

  • Well-grown Oolong tea is a semi-green fermented tea, whose fermentation process is stopped when the tea leaves start to change their color.
  • Owing to this semi-fermented process, the tea generates numerous polyphenolic compounds with valuable health benefits and taste notes of both black tea and green tea.

Best Time to brew: Daylight to Twilight

Why is it good for you?

It is known to prevent diabetes, improve heart health and brain function. Strengthen your teeth and bone naturally with this brew. It is also known to protect against certain cancers. What’s more, its cleansing properties add a glow to your skin and a spring in your step!

All whole leaf teas mentioned here can be used in multiple infusions within the same day. So which ones would you pick?

Our teas might be growing on the highest mountains across the world and harvested in different seasons of the year, but we saved you the task of sourcing them. Simply dive in these indulgent teas and your body will thank you!

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