8 Teas to Brew for Mom this Mother’s Day

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Oh, you’ll find a lot of acronyms for the word MOTHER! But her love, pain, sacrifices, tears, and all that she’s carried and been to you from before your birth to this day and ahead - can it be confined into a few good words? Some feel-good adjectives are just not enough.

And because Moms hold a special place in our hearts, we’ve curated MOM’s Specials - Teas for you to gift her this Mother’s Day! Here are 8 of our favourite Teas and Tea Blends you can brew for your Mom.

1. Bittersweet Love Loose Leaf Tea Blend (125gms Priced at Rs.1,149)
Love is glamorous and relationships with love are beautifully bittersweet. Such is the one we have with all our Moms. There are arguments and disagreements, but at the end of the day, you come together because you love each other! This Tea Blend made of Organic Darjeeling Black Tea and Bulgarian Red Rose Petals is good for maintaining heart health, dental health, bones, carries anti-anxiety properties, detoxifies the skin, and weight loss.

You can give so much to Maa in just a cup!

2. Carnation Crown Blooming Tea (20pcs Priced at Rs.2,149)
Every mother deserves to believe that Mom - is a title just above Queen. Although you can’t place a tiara on her head, you can brew her a cup of our Carnation (known as flowers of God) Crown Blooming Tea that can relieve stress, depression, prevents nausea & skin aging, and is good for the stomach.

3. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea (30pcs Priced at Rs.1,148)
Quaran-tea-in and chill with your Mom this Mother’s Day with our Moroccan Mint Iced Tea. Tell Maa, “Come sit with me and drink tea!” A little bit of your time is all she needs. This tea has ample health benefits because it’s good for your immune system, hormonal imbalances, Memory, Nausea, Muscle pain, detoxifying the body, respiratory issues, bad breath, and weight loss. What more do you need in a cold refreshing cup this hot summer?!

4. Bedtime Chamomile Therapy. (50gms Priced at Rs.599)
Gift your Mom a full good night’s sleep and rest this Mother’s Day! Get at it a day before and brew her a - sleep tight cuppa before Mother’s Day. Let her rest so you can make her day more special on a fresh morning the next day. Organic German Chamomile and Yellow Chrysanthemum petals are blended to get your Mom this golden tea. It is known to be good for hypertension, hair, eyes, works as a relaxant, prevents insomnia and digestive issues, and detoxifies the body.

5. Floral Temptations Gift Set (Priced at Rs.2,457)
Wouldn’t you be lost if she didn’t make your first cup of tea? This Mother’s day, wake up before she does and surprise Mom with breakfast in bed. Make her first sip of the day memorable with our Hibiscus Flower Tea (50gms) that will boost energy, happiness, and is good for BP.

She worked from dawn to dusk to put a smile in your life. Make her resting time even better with our Organic German Chamomile Flower Tea (50gms) that is the best for insomnia, relaxation, skin, and is soothing. Brew her this tea and put a smile on her sleeping face with sweet dreams.

6. Japanese Kukicha Loose Leaf Green Tea (125gms Priced at Rs.1,279)
The main reason why we recommend it to your Mom is that this simple drink has more calcium per ounce than cow's milk! This Mother’s Day brew your mom a cup of our Kukicha Green Tea that’ll not only help strengthen her bones but also is high in anti-oxidants, calming, good for the stomach, skin, and heart. Gift her this tea and help her become stronger!

7. Stay Beautiful Zen Tea Blend (15gms Priced at Rs.459)
This tea blend made of Organic Rooibos, Organic Moringa leaves, Dry Chamomile flower, is said to control hormonal imbalance, mood swings, aid in the digestion process, relieve stress, fights depression, ease menstrual spasms, anti-aging, and improve heart health. So much in one tea blend and more for your mom so she stays healthy and beautiful, always!

8. You Are My Sunshine Gift Set (Priced at Rs.1,299)
Tranquil, gracious and unforgettable like a Mother is our Jasmine Tea. The scent of Jasmine will make her always working body calmer. The flavour will soothe her nerves and these teas would do what they do best - promote good oral health, detoxify the body, aid weight loss, protect your heart, boost brain function, lower the risk of type2 diabetes, and fight free radicals.

Contents of this Gift Box:
Organic Jasmine Black Tea (25g)
Jasmine Tea - Argent (25g)
Sanhua Jasmine Tea (25g)

When words fall short, you act. Show it to her through your actions that she’s special. Gift her goodness and health with our teas that she’ll brew every day. Each cup will be a reminder of your love and all that she means to you because Moms are meant to be celebrated every day.

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