A new tea drinking experience for you

In an endeavor to push innovation into your tea drinking experiences, we want our T-Sticks to delight you. Not only are our teas unsurpassed in terms of flavour, aroma, and strength but also our tea stick concept has ensured the preservation of the tea’s quality from the plantation to the cup, not to mention making the process of brewing an ultimate convenience.

Refreshing our tea packaging, we blended our love for tea with more environmentally aware initiatives such as introducing biodegradable tea bags and T-sticks. Our aim is to bring in a culture that celebrates the art of drinking tea, aiming at transforming the way you drink tea, one cup at a time. We want to commit to being an eco-conscious brand and believe that it absolutely starts with our product packaging.

There are many differences and advantages of using our tea sticks over teabags. TDT’s disposable Tea sticks have enough space and 1,087 holes, allowing leaves to unfurl and release their full flavour, maintaining the freshness and quality of our product, while also acting as a strainer and stirrer. Since tea sticks are not made of paper or plastic, they do not contain chemicals used for manufacturing paper or plastic tea bags.

When steeped in water, paper teabags ‘collapse’ because of the weight of the water that they absorb. This collapse causes the tea leaves to not uncurl and pass on their best flavour to water in order to make a good brew. On the other hand, our strong tea sticks allow maximum room for tea leaves that uncurl freely, passing on their best flavour and taste to the brew.

Needless to say, tea sticks double as a stirrer and do not drip like teabags, making them convenient enough to fit in well with your modern lifestyle. It’s time to join the legion of T-stick fans and be wowed by the aroma and the clever yet simple convenience of our Green Tea Sticks.

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Did you know?
Our Green Tea sticks each can be steeped twice and come in two packages:
1. Pack of 99 individually packaged green tea sticks that make 198 cups.
2. Pack of 9 individually packaged green tea sticks that make 18 cups.

Goodbye mess, drips, and teaspoons. Say hello to popping a tea-stick in your bag to prepare your favourite cuppa anywhere, anytime! Get sipping already!

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