A sip of White Tea And Have Wrinkle Free Skin:

Are you tired of the heavy chemical-laden creams and lotions that claim to give you wrinkle-free, smooth, and glowing skin but, all they give are huge bills? Not all creams and lotions are bad. However, we might have a natural, healthier, and tastier substitute.

Oh yes, teas help to keep your skin wrinkle-free and amplify the radiance. All the members of the tea family are power-packed with mind-blowing benefits. Each surpassing the other in one way or two. So when it comes to healthy skincare, White Tea overpowers all its cousin teas. Recent research carried out by Kingston University and Neil Yard’s remedies have found that White Tea is more nourishing as compared to 21 other plant nutrients and herbs.

The White Tea family homes 5 varieties namely - Yin Zhen Bai Hao (Silver Needle), Bai Mu Dan (White Peony), Gongmei (Tribute Eyebrow), Shou Mei (Noble, Long Life Eyebrow), and Fujian New Craft (DaBaiCha or DaHoaCha).
White Tea is amongst the purest forms of teas considering it undergoes minimal processing. It is low on caffeine but rich in antioxidants, comparatively more than any other variety of teas. It is considered to be the most delicate of all and has a pale yellow tone to it. It prevents cancer, controls diabetes, and is extremely beneficial for the skin. It adds glow, radiance to the skin, and also acts as anti-ageing.

In case, you are considering seeing the doctor to get your skin elevated, we suggest you flush the thought out of your mind and instead infuse some white tea in the pot and let it whisper the magic spell. While you are at it, we have a perfect tea kit that will slow down skin’s ageing, add glow to your skin, and calm you down. TDT’s Beau’tea Kit comes with 3 mini tea tins for you to start your skincare in the right manner.

Wrinkle and White Tea:
Our body contains enzymes which on the occurrence of an inflammatory disease break down elastin and collagen, two very important nutrients that keep your skin’s elasticity and protein concentration in check. Breaking down these nutrients leads to premature ageing. 
However, the presence of catechins in White Tea helps to curb down the enzymes and replenish the nutrients in your skin.

Rich in Antioxidants:
Out of all the members of the tea family, white tea undergoes limited processing. Lesser the processing higher is the concentration of antioxidants, L - theanine, and catechins. The antioxidants act as a natural sunscreen and successfully help in reducing the harmful effects of UV rays.

Basically, it helps you look younger by preventing skin damage from sun exposure, pollution, stress, poor diet, and even the makeup you use each day.
Mentioned in this blog are some plush White Teas, plucked and packed in a way that retains its extravagant flavours. 
Organic Darjeeling White Silver Needle Buds - Platine Loose Tea 
Find yourself slipping in tranquil with the mellow taste and savory finish of this freshly plucked and carefully nurtured white silver needle buds. Grown in the mystic lands of Darjeeling, a sip of this tea feels like a trip to heaven.

Indian Organic White Bai Mudan - Platine Loose Leaf Tea
A beautiful reincarnation of peony fairy, this delicate, rich, fluffy, and velvety loose leaf tea is plucked with extreme care in a signature style of 2 leaves one bud. Every sip of Organic White Bai Mudan feels like a royal experience. Its complex yet fruity flavour lifts your soul and enhances your mood instantly.

Fujian Silver Needle Small Bud
Fujian is considered to be the birth land of white teas, while it also houses a wide range of other varieties. A refined small buds and thin leaves tea that is oxidized enough to develop deep flavours and a smoky aftertaste. These buds are nurtured with old and perfected techniques to bring the taste of luxury to the tip of your tongue.

The start of this magical potion feels like a sweet mellowy ride and further evolves into a herbaceous flavour. Brew a warm cup of Fujian Silver Needle tea and relish it on a quiet evening. It is made to please the elegant in you.
A White tea recipe that will make your heart swoon with delight:

  •  ½  tsp Ginger, ground
  • 2 slices orange
  • 1 tsp Tea, white
  • 1 tsp Zest, orange
  • 2 tsp Honey
Baking and spices: 
  • ¼ tsp Cinnamon 
  • ½ tsp cloves
Steep them together and relish on a mouthwatering tea.
White tea can also be used to make a flawless skin mist that works wonders. 
  • Brew the tea in the above-mentioned steps, let it cool. 
  • Pour it into a spritz bottle, and use it to spray on your face and neck
  • You can refrigerate it and store it for up to 5 days. 
A perfect addition to your self-care routine.
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