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Feeling unsure and having trouble choosing? We carry over 300 teas and it sure is overwhelming to see a wide range of all the teas around the world, online and not know which one to pick. TDT, therefore, introduces, a range of different sample tins to enable you to try many of the different types of Teas. An ideal way to find and narrow down teas best suited to your needs and taste. Here we’ve listed 5 categories of our teas and their benefits.
Jasmine tea is scented with the aroma of blossoms from the jasmine plant. Grown at an especially high elevation, jasmine flowers are delicate, night-blooming botanicals that lend a fragrant perfume and flavor to many varieties of tea. It bursts with health benefits and some of our teas have specific added advantages. It’s filled with antioxidants, maintains oral health, prevents weight gain, and relieves stress. These are some Jasmine Teas for you to try.
  • 25g of our Chinese Jasmine Tea – Argent: This tea has a subtle floral flavor profile, and its scent especially is potent. It will lift you up instantly with the aroma lingering in your mind, and you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • 25g of our Indian Organic Jasmine Black Tea: This tea delivers a strong flavor and a subtle scent. It is produced in the time-honored tradition of layering whole leaf black tea with pure fragrant jasmine flowers to naturally infuse the leaves with the bright, strong aroma of jasmine.
  • 25g of our Chinese Sanhua – Argent Jasmine Tea: It has the sweet vanilla notes of the white tea that are perfectly balanced with the fresh, fragrant flavors of the jasmine. Enjoy this fragrant and full-flavored classic and imagine jasmine flowers merrily dancing in your cup!
Oolong Tea is made from the partially oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Some of the main antioxidants in oolong tea, are polyphenols, theaflavins, and EGCG. These are responsible for many of its health benefits like helping in strengthening the tooth and bones, preventing diabetes, protecting the heart, aiding weight loss, and improving brain function. Oolong tea also contains theanine, an amino acid responsible for the tea's relaxing effect
  • 25g of Darjeeling Oolong Loose Leaf Oolong Tea: Naturally sweet and bold in flavor this is an oolong tea that deserves your attention and care. Strong in character and aroma, this is an oolong, not like any other. It is full in the mouth and has a delightful aftertaste.
  • 25g of Chinese Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea Spring- Argent Loose Leaf OolongTea: It is tightly rolled, surprisingly expansive, and brightly floral with a refreshing after taste that seems to linger forever.
  • 25g of Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea - Argent Loose Leaf Oolong Tea: Taiwan has the ideal climatic and geographical conditions for tea growing, and Taiwanese Oolongs are considered the finest.
Silver needle white tea contains a number of bioactive chemicals such as flavonoids, caffeine, fluoride, and theanine. Current research shows white tea contains antioxidant and immune-boosting properties that improve human health. The largest antioxidant in white tea are polyphenols, known as catechins. White tea buds have high concentrations of these properties because the young leaves are not oxidized or fermented when processed.
  • 15g of our Organic White Silver Needle Buds – Platine: This tea is perfect for improving digestion, especially for when you feel stomach cramps or nausea. This tea helps to relieve stomach acidity and to detoxify the digestive system. The tea also helps indigestion and heartburn.
  • 15g of our Chinese Fujian White Silver Needle Big Bud – Or: Grown in the Fujian mountain, these handcrafted buds of Silver Needle flaunt silvery needle-like hair. This tea is claimed to have the ability to combat aging, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve eyesight. The brew is low in caffeine, making a perfect evening drink or a hydrating potion that can be drunk all day, like water.
  • 15g of our Chinese Fujian White Silver Needle Small Bud – Platine. These handcrafted young buds are plucked on the same day as they are grown. Drinking this tea is a refreshing and soothing experience with a mellow and sweet finish.
Green teas are famous for the weight loss and body slimming properties they carry. If that is your aim or you’d like to just be healthy the greenway, these Green teas are for you! They have healthy bioactive compounds, may improve brain functions, increases fat burning, may reduce bad breath. All these in one tea because it’s loaded with EGCG.
  • 25g of Japanese Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea: Folic acid in this tea, maintains the body's hormone - insulin level which results in the body burning fat faster. It can be consumed as an energizing drink.
  • 25g of Japanese Kukicha Loose Leaf Green Tea: Stimulates the production of bile, enhancing digestion and making it easier for your body to digest fat. Indulge in this mildly nutty and slightly creamy sweet flavored tea after every meal.
  • 25g of Japanese Houjicha Loose Leaf Green Tea: Activates fat-consuming enzymes, making it easy for your body to burn fat and consume it as energy. Drink it throughout the day, it'll keep you going.
This tea is complex, rich, aromatic, and astringent. According to The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) test, which measures the antioxidant levels in foods, Matcha Green Tea measures 1384 units per gram. Easiest to prepare, this tea is an Everest of health benefits. It’s great for weight loss, building immunity, detox, boosting brain functions, improving your mood, and works as an energizer.
  • 25g of Organic Matcha Powder – Argent:
  • 25g of Matcha Powder – Argent
  • 25g of Spring Matcha Powder – Argent

We hope your choosing process for “The One” has become easier now. Pick a pack and sip on these teas, wait till they grow on you and see where this relationship takes you. There’s always more with us, so don’t drop till you find the right-tea, made for you!
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