Gift A Personalised Diwali Gift Like No Other

The tradition of giving and receiving gifts is an integral part of festive celebrations in India. The entire experience magnifies when it is a personalised gift. A gift with warm and heartfelt customisations symbolizes love, care, affection, thoughtfulness and above all, effort. It makes your receiver feel special and most importantly, your gift stands out.
TDT World understands and emphasizes on the virtue of gifting health, taste and happiness through its carefully handpicked and processed whole leaf teas. Through our pre-curated but also customisable Diwali care sets, we intend to make your receiver feel over the moon and thus, your Diwali, extra special.
After all, what’s a Diwali without wider smiles and heart-warming moments.
Gifts that can be rejoiced as they walk down the memory lane!
Do you know what can make your Diwali gift unique and memorable? A personalisation like no other! Go ahead, make a Diwali gift they’ll tell everyone about.
1. Choose one from these brightly coloured mugs.
2. Personalise the tin design.
3. Choose from a wide range of teas.
4. Select one from these.
5. Our special Golden Lining Candle to add fragrance of serenity to their celebrations.Wish to order in bulk? We can customise the gift box too! 
Have a tin design in mind? We can digitally print it for you. 
Want us to help you with the tin design? We’ve got you covered.

Pre-curated, just for you!
We fancy the idea of gifting a wholesome set that not only makes your heart happy, but you also enjoy using. Check out our Diwali Gifting collection right away and order today. 
Diwali Gift Boxes 
A gift from a tea lover to a tea lover? This one’s definitely what you’re looking for!
Diwali Care Packages 
Every element in this stunning package narrates care, affection and the warmest of wishes.
Tea for two? This one’s the perfect fit!
What better way to show your loved ones that you love them and care for them than a care set that wishes them new beginnings, depicts prosperity and enriches your relationship. 

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