How will the right Teaware change your tea drinking experience?

 A true tea lover goes out of their way to ensure their flavours are infused evenly in the tea. Their inner perfectionist kicks in every time they brew a cup of tea. From using the exact amount of water, keeping a check on the temperature, to making sure they steep it for the right time. Some of us may not care so much about the nuances but we care a whole lot about the flavours.

We have also noticed that tea wares can affect the flavours of your tea! 

For instance, Glasswares cool down real quick; making them apt for the Green Teas that needs to be brewed at mild temperatures. Yixing teapots hold the temperature for a long time, so brewing black tea in a Yixing pot would thoroughly evolve its full-bodied flavours.

Ceramic and porcelain teapots have retention properties as Yixing, but at the same time are suitable to brew all sorts of teas and tea blends. 

Further in this blog, we have curated a unique and unexpected mix-match of various teas and teawares that will set the flavour right, for every occasion, every time. Besides being taste developers, these teaware are jaw-dropping, aesthetically pleasing and brings elegance to the table just by their looks and making. 

Automate your brews: The TDT Tea Maker
On days when meetings are long and stressful, a cup of tea may be a welcome distraction. However, putting on the kettle waiting for the water to boil, taking care of the flavour of the tea as well as the chances of spilling, proves to be chaotic.

TDT’s Automatic tea maker can solve that for you. 
  • Just pour some water, 
  • Add loose-leaf tea (White tea, Black tea, Green tea, Yellow tea, Oolong tea) in the stainless strainer, 
  • Choose whether you like your tea light, medium, or strong, place the cup and
  • Push the start button, and relish your tea. 

We suggest you avoid throwing your tea away, rather use them repeatedly for multiple brews. Don’t worry about your steeped leaves, the stainless steel container keeps the tea fresh and you can enjoy them throughout the day.

TDT's tea maker can brew all types of teas and blended teas with extreme ease and perfection. You can also control the temperature of the water since each tea has its requirement. 

Carry your tea with you:

A cup of tea that tastes like home when travelling? That is impossible. 

But, with TDT’s tea infusers, you can bring your tea with you everywhere you go. Consider these beauties your on-the-go partners. They are anti-spill and can keep your tea warm for up to 5 hours. 

Bring a Double-walled Borosilicate Tea Infuser (Silver, Blue, or Golden) and some Delighful Rose Green tea Blend with you on trips that will relax your nervous mind. It has a detachable steel infuser. If you are someone who travels a lot, finding your cup of tea can add to the stress, so why not carry it with you

For your adventurous trips, try a Bohemian Bamboo tea infuser with a full-bodied Yunnan Green tea. This infuser is the size of a standard water bottle, with bamboo on the exterior and a stainless steel wall on the inside; Set out for your adventures with this perfect companion. 

Signature Tea Sets!
TDT's one-of-a-kind and exquisite tea sets are a must-have for anybody who appreciates design and quality. Whether it’s a full-fledged tea party or a casual get-together, these sets will brighten the mood and get the conversation started. 

Vintage Porcelain Blue tea sets:
Try our vintage porcelain tea sets to please the old-school antique in you. Invite your guests over, brew Sweet Anise tea blend, cook some delicious snacks and show off your awe-inspiring tea set. 

Pastel Reflection Tea Set 
An extravagant tea set to make your family time memorable, this tea set comes with a teapot, 4 cups and saucers. Sip on the White Silver Needle Jasmine Tea, serve some savoury snacks and set yourself loose to relax.

Black Magic Woman Tea Set:
Black beauty with a golden accent, this tea set made of jade china exudes grandeur. Bring this bold and classic tea set along with some Organic Kagoshima Asamushi tea to enjoy as you indulge in deep life discussions. Or you can also pair it up with our Japanese delicacies

Intricate Pinyins 8 Piece Set:
You will be a goner after one glance at this tea set! The pearl of porcelain is delicately made with traditional ink and wash techniques. Sip on your favourite teas, as you spend quality time with your loved ones.

As much as the material matters, the thickness of the teacups also has a flavorful impact on your tea drinking experience. While the thick cups keep your tea warm, the thin cups help in aerating and it becomes easier for the aroma to hit your nose. So it is of utmost importance that you choose your teaware right, to get your tea right.