Know how teas boost immunity

We’ve all been googling too much these days with the amount of time at hand. The kind of messages doing rounds on our phones have made us ask some questions like, “What can boost immunity? And, How to build immunity?”. This, and a lot more is being asked and we decided, it was time to clear the doubts about immunity and its relationship with green tea and herbal tea.

In simple terms, the immune system is a network in our body, made up of special organs, antibodies, and mainly white blood cells. They are your comrades that keep up the good fight against infections and pathogens to maintain a ‘healthy you’ at all times.

There are two broad parts to our immune system: Innate and Adaptive. Innate is the natural ability of our system to destroy germs and Adaptive is the capacity we build over the course of our lives to fight germs.

Our body constantly produces white blood cells that complement the adaptive potential of the immune system to ward off pathogens. So, the boosting of immunity happens by accelerating the production of these immune cells.

The adaptive capacity of our immune system can be accelerated by drinking tea. Not just any tea but Herbal Teas and Green Teas. They’re always the best for boosting immunity. We’ll tell you why.

Plants have an internal arrangement that helps them destroy bad microbes. And consuming herbal tea or green tea is like taking a helping hand at a fight. Our bodies can use that extra intelligence because, why not?! Why wrestle alone when you have a friend to back you up! Two is always better than one.Having established that, it is best to consume green teas and herbal teas for your immune system to communicate effectively. Don’t you think?

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