Herbal Teas for when you can't smoke

This pandemic has been a nightmare and nicotine withdrawal symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression, are real and serious. There are so many among us who had to stop smoking altogether because of varied reasons.

It’s hard but there are ways to make the symptoms you experience and pull through every single minute, bearable, flushing toxins out of your body! Here’s a little bit of help to quit smoking with some of our best teas. Hang in there, we got you!

1. Better Sleep without Nicotine
Sleep is a major issue with 4 am becoming the new 10 pm for most of us. But there are so many among us that, you’ll know at least one person who has trouble with sleeping and has been hit in the head straight, with insomnia - one of the withdrawal symptoms of not smoking.

As the name suggests, our Goodnight Kiss Loose Leaf Tea blend and Root Therapy Tea Blend have Valerian Root - called nature’s Valium, Licorice Root - known as sweet root, and Star Anise - said to be the miracle spice and Gingko Biloba - the sole surviving species that thrived in the Jurassic Period, and existing almost exclusively in cultivation.

Star anise is known for its sedating properties to ensure a good sleep.
Licorice Root is known to soothe mucus membranes and relax muscle spasms. Valerian Root can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep by about 15 to 20 minutes and also seems to improve sleep quality. It is said that extracts of Ginkgo Biloba leaves are used for the production of medicines for treating sleep apnea.

2. Relax and Calm down
Medications go hard on our bodies but plants are easy for our system to work with. The body recognizes herbs as food. When we take self-care seriously and brew up herbal teas throughout the day instead of going for a smoke, we start building new beliefs in our minds about our worth and health.

Stand and watch the water come to a boil, get your mug ready, and enjoy the aromas as your tea steeps. The best thing about it is that every moment spent on tea is every moment away from a cloud of smoke! It works as a brilliant distractor. Every sip of our tea will reroute your life to a new direction that’s healthier, happier, and free. A little bit of exercise, combined with tea will go a long way in you feeling relaxed and calm. Our Tea Spa Tea Blend reduces nausea, promotes relaxation, and works as an anti-depressant. The L’affaire Rouge Tea Blend boosts the immune system, reduces hypertension, and Rooibos in this tea can alleviate stress and anxiety levels.

3. Detoxify your mind and body effectively with our Green Teas
A study conducted in China shows that green tea may work to help quit smoking. Green tea is known to reduce the urge for nicotine as well. Matcha Tea, that has 14 times more antioxidants than wild blueberries and 70 times more than orange juice, will detoxify, cleanse your lungs and body flushing out toxins accumulated for a long time now.

Nicotine provokes the release of happy neurons in the brain that your body gets accustomed to after years of smoking. Green tea elevates the same neurotransmitter’s levels in the drinker’s system which affects their mood.

Speed up the recovery and healing process with licorice root tea as it can increase the fluidity of mucus in the lungs.

Tea is a beverage that is hot, drunk habitually, requires lots of hand to mouth sipping, and can be very relaxing on its own. Tea is an excellent replacement for cigarettes and helps one deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Substitute the habit of smoking with drinking tea.

The idea behind herbal remedies is to help reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal symptoms that can be crippling. Replace your cigarettes with our wide range of teas, you can thank us later!

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