Loose Tea Leaves VS Tea Bags: The final verdict

We cannot get enough of green tea and its various health benefits, the most important being weight loss. And why not? All it takes is a dip of tea bag in hot water to create the slimming potion. While using green tea bags may seem like the most convenient option, whole tea leaves are packed with more flavors, aroma, essential oils, health benefits and are also easy to use. ITMA certified tea blender and co-founder of Tasse De The, Jiten Sheth years reveals 5 lesser known facts about loose tea leaves.

#1 Brewing loose tea leaves is no rocket science 

If you thought that only a tea specialist can brew loose tea leaves, you’re mistaken. If better taste and quality is what you seek in your tea, keep your trusted pack of loose tea leaves by your side. Whenever you crave a cup of tea, take a handful of loose leaves in a vessel (about 3 gms for 1 cup of water), add hot water, let the leaves steep for 30 seconds and pour yourself a refreshing cup of tea through a filter. To enhance the experience, let a teapot with an in-built filter assist you in the tea-making process. 

#2 Loose leaves give you the finest quality of tea
Think green teas have a very limited set of taste notes and aromas? Wait till you brew loose leaves of green tea! These possess a distinct taste and sweet aroma, thanks to the weather and soil conditions of the plantations they grow in.
On the other hand, leaves used in most tea bags are “dust and fannings” which are essentially the leftovers from tea production. Since they are small in size, they evaporate quickly and end up losing their essential oils. They also release more tannins which gives the tea a bitter and astringent taste.

#3 Loose tea leaves are packed with health benefits to the fullest
Drinking 3 cups of green tea everyday and wondering why the weight loss process isn’t as fast as you expected it to be? It’s because of the limited health benefits you’re receiving from tea bags.
Most of the high quality loose tea leaves come straight from plantations on high altitudes, making them rich in antioxidants and life giving nutrients which give you health benefits such as weight loss, cholesterol control, stress relief, anti-aging and many others. It’s time you introduced yourself to the fuller benefits of loose tea leaves. 

#4 Loose tea leaves are affordable
Does your daily regime include using 2 teabags which give you 2 cups of tea?
We’ve got a better option for you! 3 gms of loose tea leaves may be offering you 1 cup of tea but the same leaves can be infused multiple times. This means that a small quantity of high grade leaves can actually produce 3 cups of tea in a day. Simply keep the brewing instructions in mind and raise a toast to good health as many times as you like.

#5 Loose green tea leaves- a perfect gift of health
When was the last time you gifted tea bags to someone? If you want to give a healthy and premium gift to a loved one, invest in loose tea leaves.
Let your loved one appreciate the beauty and aroma of the leaves, preserve and brew them to enjoy the taste and benefits. Where else can you find a healthy, luxurious and affordable gift, all rolled into one?

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