Must Try this Summer: Jasmine Iced Tea

When you sip a relaxing tea, what are the thoughts in your mind? Or have you experienced that quiet zen moment after your first sip where unnecessary cluttered thoughts fade away into a calm? Along with the relaxation for the mind, our body also needs cooling beverages because summers are already here! Do not cringe already, ‘cause with the summer sun rising up and high, it is time to bring our favourite refreshing floral brews to the table and get hydrated! This season, we decided to take floral teas a level up, by presenting a sumptuous and refreshing floral iced tea recipe for you to beat the heat. Let’s begin with the uber-sweet and musky Jasmine Iced Tea, shall we?

Known for their pure beauty and delicate fragrances, Jasmine flowers make for a delicious iced tea along with a warm brew. One of the most famous floral teas in the world, Jasmine tea has a delicate flavour and a full, floral aroma. Since they have intense meadowy essences, they taste better as a cold brew. Cold teas are actually the most reliable way to explore the nuanced tropical flavour notes of Jasmine teas all round the year, and especially when it is hot outside and you need a chilling cuppa!

What is Jasmine Tea

and how is it made?

Jasmine tea is a scented tea made by combining green tea leaves with Jasmine flower petals. It can also be made by combining white tea, oolong, or black tea leaves. Traditionally this tea is created by gently collecting unopened Jasmine buds in the morning time, and allowing them to rest in a cool place during the day until they have fully bloomed in the night. Once fully bloomed, the flowers are pressed in between dried tea leaves for 5-6 days and sometimes longer, for the tea leaves to absorb their poetic fragrances.

During this duration, dried flowers are replaced every night with fresh blooms, and this expensive and time-consuming process is repeated across the span, to create the most heavenly and magical jasmine flavoured tea. After being fully flavoured, they are rolled into thin leaves or into round pearls. Every base tea has distinct methods of processing Jasmine flowers. Our Chanxin Jasmine Green Tea includes mildly oxidizing the green tea by briskly rubbing the leaves against each other every 8-12 hours, which then creates juices allowing exquisite jasmine tea flavours to be absorbed and hence, resulting in a tea that is soft in its approach yet exudes a natural sweetness, velvety buttery texture and a heady floral auras. That is the joy of a good quality and fragrant Jasmine tea; it can transcend beyond the boundaries of place and time!

There are some other modern techniques of making Jasmine teas, where instead of long days of pressing Jasmine flowers with teas, they are simply mixed with the tea as it is processed. These are more affordable varieties, however, the scents of fresh Jasmine may be varying in them.

How to brew Delicious Iced Jasmine Tea
Are you ready to get into summer vibes with this tropical Iced Tea? Read on to find out how you can make it -

What you need?
3 Tsp Whole leaf Jasmine tea (more if you like your tea strong)
1 Jar (500 ml) filtered cool water
Ice cubes

In a teapot or pitcher, add whole leaf Jasmine leaves, followed by cool water. Cover the pot and refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight. Once ready, strain the leaves and enjoy with ice! Jasmine Tea is stunningly delicious in its natural self, but if you like it sweet, feel free to add honey or your preferred sweetener. You may also add milk if you like your tea with milk. You can garnish with peaches, berries, mint or a dash of lemon to fancy it up!

This is the simple way to do it but if you forgot to leave your tea in the fridge the night before, simply brew a cup of hot Jasmine tea, let it cool and add some ice cubes. Be careful not to use boiling water for Jasmine tea as it might cause the infusion to turn slightly bitter. Also do not steep it for more than 3 minutes.

Whole leaf Jasmine Teas are of the best quality to make Jasmine Iced Tea and for this recipe we used our San Hua Jasmine Tea that is great for an invigorating and refreshing morning cuppa as it unveils a myriad of light-bodied floral undercurrents!

Also another exotic way best to enjoy a mesmerizing cup of Jasmine Iced Tea is to brew our Jasmine Silver Needle Small Bud tea as it offers warm and sweet hints of floral notes throughout the cup that feels like drinking a bouquet of fresh Jasmine blooms. Perfect to sip between a work day or after a long day of weekend cleaning! Made with tiny silver needle white tea buds, pressed alongside fresh Jasmine flowers for five to six nights, it is one rocking creamy infusion, that lets you experience in each sip the crispy vibrancy of morning dews on grassy meadows.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea
One of the most popular reasons why Jasmine Tea is steeped around the world is for the therapeutic and calming sensations that it creates while subtly relieving stress. Our Organic White Jasmine Tea is one such soothing brew made with precious white tea leaves mixed with delicate blooms of Jasmine that offer rejuvenating and meditative benefits everyday.

In addition to this, Jasmine Tea has a wide range of health benefits, when consumed regularly; including nourishing the skin, boosting energy and metabolism thereby helping one to lose weight. It also helps to control blood pressure levels and boost immunity. Read more about the health benefits of Jasmine Teas here. With these bountiful benefits, it is time to upgrade your me-time with an uplifting Jasmine brew and explore stress-free horizons of calm.

Are Jasmine Teas caffeine-free?
Although Jasmine Teas are known as flower teas they may not be herbal or caffeine-free always. Most Jasmine Teas are made with a base of black, green or white teas emerging from the camellia sinensis plant which consists of caffeine in different levels.

But if you are a tea new-bie who wants to make a healthy habit of sipping green teas but needs more motivation, our Jasmine Green Teas are here to rescue. The lively floral aromas and light sweetness of Jasmine green teas is a wonderful starting point that helps you to get up every morning, and begin your day with a dainty green tea.

What do you get when you combine our rare white teas or lustrous green teas with precious jasmine aromas? A super special, TDT exclusive range of Jasmine Teas! Jasmine teas also pair perfectly well with many foods, so let yourself experiment with jasmine tea pairings with breakfast or even afternoon party menus. Jasmine Blooming Teas are yet another euphoric variety to use while making iced teas. These flowering beauties also create extraordinary visuals and sights as they infuse your tea with goodness for the summers. You may explore our complete Jasmine Teas collection here and find your instant mental calm and sip cooling goodness all day long. Come on already, let’s slay the summer vibes!

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