Personalised Diwali Gifts To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Diwali, the sparkling festival of lights, life and laughter, is also an ideal gifting season. Personalised gifts are a great way to enhance the love, care and affection in your relationships. They remind the receiver of you not just on this auspicious occasion, but every time they use that gift. In simple words, it makes them feel special and loved.
Could anything replace this special, joyous feeling?
TDT World understands what a personalised gift can make someone feel. We also realise that tea is an epitome of heart-warming conversations and memorable laughter. And thus, we take privilege and utmost joy in introducing to you our exclusive and customisable Diwali gifting collection.
Thinking of them on this auspicious occasion? Say it with a personalised gift box!
Over 300+ teas, a collection of the classiest gift boxes and tin designs that can be fully personalised. You choose and we curate it for you.
1. Personalise the tin design.
2. Choose from a wide range of teas.
3. Select one from these.
Wish to order in bulk? We can customise the gift box too! 
Have a tin design in mind? We can digitally print it for you. 
Want us to help you with the tin design? We’ve got you covered.
Straight from the treasure trove of TDT World!
We simply love the idea of gifting tea to your loved ones on a festival such as Diwali. You do too? Check out our Diwali Gifting collection right away and order today. 
Diwali Care Package 
Every element in this stunning package narrates care, affection and the warmest of wishes.
Diwali Gift Boxes 
A gift from a tea lover to a tea lover? This one’s definitely what you’re looking for!
Tea for two? This one’s the perfect fit!
What better way to show your loved ones that you love them and care for them than a gift box that wishes them new beginnings, depicts prosperity and enriches your relationship. 
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