Rediscovering the robust Whole Leaf Black Chai

A heartwarming and soul-stirring cup of Chai! Just the thought of it creates a different emotion in us doesn’t it? And when it is blended with some spices and sipped piping hot in a misty weather, simply the best. As Indians we are super-fans of the good old black tea that is a must-have for most of us every morning alongside breakfast and then a lot many times throughout the day! When Chai or Black Tea is such an essential part of our day, why settle for anything but the best kind?

Before we tell you more, an important point must be made! Whole leaf Black Tea is different from powdered black tea, which is the more common variety that is sold commercially to most households. Whole leaf black tea offers the most luxurious and extraordinary way of enjoying the classic black tea. It offers a more full-bodied and lustrous depth to your cup of tea when compared to powdered tea and is different from the latter in more ways than one. Powdered black tea simply does not offer the same experience that whole leaf black tea does in terms of health benefits, taste profiles, and more. Also, to find out the exciting goodness and uniqueness of whole leaf black teas, read our previous blog on black teas, 5 things you didn't know about black teas. This one’s a must read to know why whole leaf black teas deserve all the spotlight they can get!

Black teas come with a strong and robust flavour profile due to the higher level of oxidation in their processing. This offers black teas with a higher level of good caffeine and catechins that makes it a healthier and more effective alternative to coffee. A signature few of our best black teas are listed here for you to explore:

Sri Lankan Ceylon 
Taking after Sri Lanka’s former name, ‘Ceylon’ this black tea from the beautiful island country consists of long, thin and wiry black leaves. Rolled artistically by skilled farmers from the gardens of Ceylon, each leaf conveys a story of their effort, and the time taken to truly showcase the wonderful spicy and citrusy properties of this tea. A globally preferred black tea, this tea is especially known for its health benefits, and strong, refreshing flavour, that makes it an equally delicious cold brew.

Gold Bud Black Tea
Not all black tea is all black! Here’s a premier gourmet black tea from Dianhong Lake with velvety golden leaves that impresses you not just with appearance but also with its elegant sweetness and low astringency. Young leaves are plucked by hand and processed with special techniques to create the unmistakable copper sheen and golden yellow brew. The downy shoots of the tea are left covered with hair that capture moisture, as the juice ferments into its characteristic golden colour, allowing it to gain the richness of a black tea with mellow lightness of a while tea.

Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea  
Plucked during spring’s first harvest time, infuses first flush Darjeeling black tea with a mildly floral and refreshingly fruity aroma and taste. The signature light and malty flavour note is the reason why this tea is often known as the ‘The Champagne of Teas’. Nourished by gentle drizzles of Spring rains, it brews into a vibrant amber liquor and charms you with its subtle and delightful floral flavours, making it an enjoyable afternoon drink!

Yunnan Black 
With prominent notes of honey and chocolaty maltiness, Yunnan black tea comes with a profile different from any other black tea you have tasted so far, giving you the impression that is flavoured in some way. Sourced from one of the most popular tea-cultivation regions where classic legends of Pu’erh, green and others are grown, this black tea from Yunnan displays fine craftsmanship and consistent leaves that offer full-bodied and delicate spicy notes and a lush and vibrant red infusion!

Tibetian Black  
A vintage loose leaf tea pressed together with ancient fermenting techniques makes this tea readily drinkable but aging this black tea further accentuates its light, woody and nutty smooth taste notes. Ancient Tibetian communities are known to consume this dark tea as a butter tea with yak butter and salt. Although the leaves are closely pressed, the brew is a light and mild one that pleases most palates.

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Lemon Black Tea Tablets
Our exclusive Lemon Black Tea tablets are mini-compressed rounded bulbs of rich tea leaves tightly pressed together to create a rich and evolved flavour journey with generous hints of tangy and citrusy undertones that are soulfully refreshing. You may also try the Osmanthus Black Tea Tablet filled with the rare herbal and floral essence of Osmanthus.  At TDT, we also design and deliver corporate orders and can customize teas and tea-gifts for large and small orders too.

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