Renew your Life with a Cup of Oolong Brew

A tea that has the most layered tastes known to the tea-community, yet consists of only about 2% of the entire tea production of the world! 

With that fact, we’re ready to take you through a tea-challenge of discovering a wondrous, yet so unspoken about ‘tea’. Are you ready? Let us dive into this tea. Be it the addictive malty taste, the eye-catching shape or the distinguished oxidation process, this one is an artisanal beauty in every way. Yes, it is the Oolong Tea. It is the only tea that goes through the broadest range of fermentation that can range anywhere from 10 to 80 percent across its many varieties.

However, reasons for you to make our Oolong teas part of your everyday brews are 100% and more! Let us find out why -

Why is Oolong different from other teas? 
Known for its superior aroma, tastes, and abundant health benefits, Oolong is a signature class of whole leaf tea that boasts of a wide universe of flavours between both black and green tea. While nourishing soil and environments are key, the reason for its marvelous personality is its making process that sets it apart from other teas. Before even being roasted, its freshly hand-plucked leaves are left to oxidize outdoors under the sun. Further, they are then crushed and rolled into tiny balls while some are gently twisted, causing the release of sacred oils that create its classic, full-bodied character. 

Extract Oolong Goodness
Also referred to as ‘Wu long tea’, brown tea or rock tea by native growers, Oolong is blessed with a powerhouse of healthy goodness. Here is a quick glimpse of health benefits that Oolong tea offers and why it should be on your ‘healthy-routine’ list -

Improves sleep
Oolong tea consists of a high proportion of polyphenolic compounds, that help the body in flushing out free radicals, increasing insulin sensitivity and thereby lowering blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol. It infuses calming benefits in the body and allows one to sleep better while boosting immunity and reducing the risk of heart diseases in the long run.

Highly antioxidative
With properties of both green tea and black tea, Oolong comes with more catechins than black tea and higher antioxidant properties than green tea. Being loaded with high bioflavonoids, allows it to improve the body’s overall strength and disease-fighting capacity.

Naturally slimming
Oolong is also known as a preferred slimming tea for its tea-theine (tea caffeine), plant polyphenols, vitamins and mineral concentrations that are highly effective in boosting metabolism and burning calories, making it one of the most delicious teas to lose weight naturally. By aiding thermogenesis, it is known to be effective in controlling fat cell production.

Reduces inflammation
The healthy compounds in Oolong tea help to mitigate vascular inflammation, thereby reducing risks of cardiovascular concerns by targeting specific inflammation-causing genes.

Enhances brain function and alertness
Oolong tea is known to prevent cognitive decline and de-stress while improving mood and information processing abilities. It also effectively enhances memory, improves focus and brings calmness for a sustained amount of time.

Improving bone strength 
The significant proportion of Polyphenols in Oolong tea helps to increase bone mass, and improve tooth and bone strength. By improving the mineral density in the bones, bone loss is reduced and this is specifically beneficial to aging women, to help them combat calcium deficiencies.

However, just like any beverage, it is suggested to consume oolong tea in controlled and responsible levels of up to 15 gms per day.

Explore Exotic Oolongs by Tasse de Thé

Roasted Tie Guan Yin
As the name suggests, this Oolong is a refined tea made only with leaves and no branches, skillfully roasted in different capacities across a time consuming process of over 12 unique steps. While this tea has multiple varieties grown and harvested at different times across the year, after our Roasted Tie Guan Yin, Spring Tie Guan Yin and Autumn Tie Guan Yin are the most preferred varieties.

Alishan High Mountain
When it comes to artisanal teas, no category speaks of a more panoramic intricacy, flavour profile and character than the Alishan High Mountain oolong tea does, as it showcases what carefully maneuvering can do to a well-grown tea leaf. The leaves are kneaded with high-pressure to create aromatic juices for a nourishing oxidation process. Explore more such rich and nuance-flavoured Oolongs with our Premium Oolong Tea.

Dong Ting High Mountain
Oolong comes with a rich heritage of over 300 years that uncovers a wide range of techniques and flavour-possibilities. This variety of Oolong tea is lightly oxidized with a complex flavour profile emerging from multiple times of baking, over low temperatures for many hours in order to attain the deep and smooth floral liquor.

Classified based on origin

Indian Darjeeling Classic Oolong
The dense bushes of Darjeeling’s misty, humid hills create this tea known for its slender, unique shape with downy, wiry buds and multi-coloured leaves. Another type in this category is our Silver Darjeeling Oolong tea.

Taiwanese Eastern Beauty Oolong
An enriched, hand rolled Oolong from Taiwan, our platinum Eastern Beauty Oolong tea is grown amidst Jassid grasshoppers, encouraging them to bite into the tea plants, and creating an extraordinarily sweet and rich tea in this way. You may also explore the Gold version of Eastern Beauty and to try more flavours of Taiwanese Oolong, do try our Classic Oolong Tea and Shanlinxi High Mountain oolong teas.

One of the healthiest teas, GABA oolong is short for gamma-aminobutyric acid, that is naturally enhanced in this exquisite tea by uniquely fermenting it between environments of oxygen and nitrogen. If you are someone who seeks an enriching health experience with a flavourful tea, this one is a must try! Chinese Oolong varieties offer a rich, woodsy textured cup with rounded buttery characteristics. Tie Guan Yin is also a popular Chinese oolong to discover a vibrant full bodied taste.

In most cases as compared to green and black teas, Oolongs are made with larger leaves and are more comfortable when brewed in a spacious cup, this allows them to unfurl and open completely, releasing their optimum flavours. So, we suggest using a wide circumferenced tea-cup. You may consider our range of tea-sets that allow you to enjoy Oolong’s versatile gamut of sight and flavours for an enhanced drinking experience. At TDT, we also design and deliver corporate orders and can customize teas and tea-gifts for large and small orders too.

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