Rose Tea Blends: An Aromatic and Healthy Alternative to Everyday Tea

Roses have always been associated with feelings of love and romance, but these lovely flowers have so much more to offer than their enticing smell. These flowers have been utilised for medical and nutritional purposes for ages.

The concept of rose tea has been revolutionising the tea tribe; the variety of blends that can be made by infusing rose petals with teas and other flavours is truly remarkable.

So, when you get the sudden impulse to wander in the entrancing fragrance of roses, or when you feel like pampering yourself with flowers, reach for the exquisite rose tea blends that not only serve you with their holistic aromas but also elevate your health!

What are Rose Tea Blends?

A beautiful infusion of rose petals with herbs and teas to create a drink that is definitely worth trying! The most beautiful thing about these teas is that they can be consumed both hot and cold. 

Let’s have a detailed read on the magical benefits these aromatic blends have to offer:

  1. It relieves menstrual cramps:

For all the ladies who suffer from painful cramps during their menstrual cycle, it’s time you ditch the harmful medicines and try the rose tea blends. There have been multiple studies that suggest the significance of rose when it comes to relieving period pain. They may not help to get rid of the cramps, but you feel better for sure!

TDT’s tea that can help:

Rose White Peony:

An unusual infusion of the extremely uncommon bai mudan white tea leaves with rose. This mix has a peaceful aroma and flavour that pleases the senses, easing you into relaxation, while helping to curb down the menstrual pains.

Date in the park:

A floral refreshing combination of Jasmine Tea, French Pink Rose petals, Chaoqing Green Tea. A cup of this mesmerizing tea will sent you to tranquil while also relieving your cramps. It also works wonders when it comes to improving your oral health, ensures faster fat burning, and improves your overall health.

  1. Amplifies digestive system:

When it comes to digestive health, rose tea blends work wonders. They aid in the creation of bile, an essential juice that contributes to the digestion of food. They also help in the promotion of healthy gut bacteria and laxatives, all of which work together to enhance digestion while also ensuring faster fat burning.

TDT’s tea that can help:

Gut Feeling Tea blend:

Infused together are holy basil (tulsi), parsley, with the very aromatic Bulgarian red rose petals, to bring you a cup full of antioxidants that makes your tummy feel cosy and happy!

  1. Steers you clear of anxiety and stress:

On days when anxiety and stress make you a little restless and sleepless, let the aroma of rose put you in a serene state. No matter what time of day it is, do not let the stress overpower your senses. We have a whole range of caffeine-free and caffeinated teas for you to choose from.

TDT’s teas that can help:

Rosy Duet Tea: (Caffeine-free)

A beautiful, caffeine-free blend of Bulgarian rose petals with rosemary leaves. While the aroma of rose calms you down, rosemary helps you to sleep well. A cup before bedtime is all you need to sleep like a baby!

Rare Silver Needle White Rose Tea Blend: (Caffeinated)

Here is the answer to stress management! Sip on this floral, delicate blend of rare organic fresh silver needle white tea buds and fragrant rosebuds. A cup of this mesmerizing tea will keep you hydrated! 

  1. Extremely good for skin:

Rose has long been utilized in beauty treatments; the antioxidant in the flower perform an excellent job of giving radiance and attractiveness to your skin. Rose tea blends exfoliate your skin not only from the exterior but also from the inside, giving you a natural glow and blush. Who's ready to get pampered?

TDT’s Teas that can help:

Delightful Rose Green:

When your everyday green teas bore you a little, bring out this delightful floral green tea that adds some more magic to your tea time. 

  1. Strengthens your immune system:

The presence of Vitamin C and antioxidants in rose petals helps to elevate your immune system, giving your body enough strength to fight the diseases. It also helps in soothing sore throats, especially the caffeine-free teas when consumed hot. 

TDT’s teas that can help:

Black Rose Love:

A lovely way to start the day, or perhaps a delightful mid-day break. A beautiful infusion of rare golden black tea buds and stunning pink rose gives rise to our mesmerizing full-bodied mix with a flowery touch. This tea has everything you need for an antioxidant boost!

Femme Fatal Tea Blend:

A mellow, floral, caffiene-free infusion of Moringa leaves, French Pink Rose petals, Bulgarian Red Rose petals for you to have a better health.

On a parting note:

These aromatic blends work wonders when you need to relax your mind, body, and soul, and rejuvenate them. A cup of rose tea blend will transport you to a rose garden, complete with fresh air, all from the comfort of your own home. Open the premium tea blends and allow yourself to be soothed by its invigorating aroma all day, every day.

Rose teas are also very helpful in improving your scalp health, ensure weight loss, improves dental health, and more.

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