Self-love & Care comes first. For the one needing it the most - YOU!

 These 5 Teas will show why you're worth it all!

The world would be the happiest place if we all started with ourselves. Yes, we’re talking about each one of us, and especially YOU! You who run around for every person’s need, pour out all the care inside into the ones you love leaving nothing for self. It’s time you give some care and love to yourself first.

Just like the fact that one can’t help another unless they wear their own oxygen mask first, you can’t be there for your people until you learn to be there for yourself. This is it. You take that break, listen to some calming music, put on your apron and cook something that makes your soul happy or make art!
With the lockdown in place, the pressure to be productive is high. We say you lay down the idea of toxic productivity that has been drilled into all our minds and try to chill! It’s okay to feel like you’re not doing enough. It is okay if you don’t feel like doing anything. It is okay to feel anxious about the uncertainty around. We’ll get out of this just fine, together. Compassion is KEY!

Here are the 5 companions you’ll need when you indulge in some self-love and care during these difficult times. They’ll make your heart stir with every sip. 

1. Garden Mint And Rose
For the ones who want to know what love feels like. A mixture of Mint Leaves and French Pink Rose petals makes this touch of love. This tea can make you feel what love is like, take you to pretty places, listen to your worries, be the shoulder you lean on, and make you want a forever with it! You and this tea sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G! Blushing already?!

“Knock Knock”
Who’s there?
Olive who?
“Olive you! Do you love me?”

Can’t resist the proposal of this CuTea cuppa? Olive leaves, lemongrass, french lavender leaves, and mint are blended to create sips that will help you find peace even in chaos.

There’s nothing better than a melody or acoustic music that lifts your mood up, increases focus and gives you the feels to come up with something new. Or so you thought?

We say, give this introverted friend a chance and find the inspiration that refuses to come to you, in this tea. Chaoqing Green Tea and French Lavender buds together to make this sip of inner peace needed to create-start where you left off!

Has your sleep cycle gone haywire with 4 am becoming the new bedtime and the alarm ringing at 1 pm to wake you up? Being quarantined at home can do this to us!

For each of you who has trouble getting some sleep and is struggling with insomnia, this tea is calling you. Organic German chamomile, Lemongrass, and Mint come together to whisper fairy tales in your ears, putting you off to sleep.

5. Rose White Peony
Love makes everything perfect. Ever thought what makes us yearn for it so much in other people? Because we don’t find it within. Self-love comes with practice. It is in every action you choose your physical and mental health over toxic people and actions.

Bursting with antioxidants that flush out toxins out of your system, this tea will mark the start of your journey to loving yourself. Organic White Bai Mudan leaves and French Pink Rose petals in this blend will make your heart skip a beat while giving you butterflies in your stomach! Maybe this will be the start of an epic love story, who knows?

These tea blends are the perfect gift you should present yourself with. A little company on a difficult journey always helps. May your new-found love for yourself take you to beautiful places in the world.

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