Surprise your special ones with Christmas Gift boxes by TDT

Under Rs. 2000
It has been a year, hasn’t it? Challenging in all ways yet full of lessons. Past few months have given us several reasons to come closer to our family and friends, encouraging us to dial in and revive touch with loved ones near and far. Although we have been locked indoors without regular access to the outdoor environment, we do have an opportunity to spend precious time with our loved ones, something that would otherwise seldom happen.
Thanks to the onset of the festive season which has brought along an abundance of joys, hope and happiness, we are looking forward to the new year while sharing bundles of joys with dear ones. A gift when shared, expresses your love and affection for the other person and cherishes feelings of togetherness and warmth. They are ‘all the more’ precious and rare when wrapped in festive hues and cheer that make your dear ones smile almost instantly.
What could be the most ideal gifts that are useful, look adorable and are also budget friendly?
Let’s Tea-juvenate
TDT Holiday Edition gift boxes are perfect for Christmas Gifting because they enclose something that almost everyone you love, loves to sip everyday. Yes, teas! Teas and tea-ware wrapped in delicate prints and patterns, combined with holiday colours make the gift boxes brim with true elegance. Join us to explore our Holiday Edition Gifting collection which includes something for everyone!
Want a quick glimpse?
We outlined some of our Gift boxes that are under Rs. 2000
Our Mistletoe Love And Hot Tea gift boxes are warm souvenirs of happiness, perfect to express your love and gratitude to the hard working angel at home. One who’s been baking away joys and ensuring everything is ready-to-sleigh for the christmas season. These gift boxes include two types of teas that can be sipped anytime during the day and will bring relaxation and smiles to your loved ones. We are sure they’ll think of you and thank you for the calming and healing benefits of these teas.
If you’re thinking about a Tea Gift for One’, our range of joyfully crafted boxes, Meet Cute Teas and Feliz Noël are oh so elegant and yet light on the pocket. Individual tea tins are coupled with vibrant porcelain mugs for a convenient and soothing tea-drinking experience. Pack these together, and buy an all-in-one infuser along to tuck in your travel bag. Just right for a tea-lover who is a traveller too!
Do you know someone special who enjoys subtle, rejuvenating variety each day? Including 5 exquisite tea minis packed with festive motifs of love and hugs, the All Lit Up holiday edition box is ideal for them.
Holiday Tea Essentials - Check!
3 tea minis, a mug with a lid that doubles up as a coaster, with a fine stainless steel leaf-infuser, and your busy-bee friend is all set to go. The Happy Holidays gift hamper is full of luxurious yet thoughtful teas and tea-ware that rekindle sweet memories of you, every time your loved ones glance at it. We have this one in more colours too.
What’s more? All of the gift boxes mentioned here are under Rs. 2000. If the individual tins have caught your attention, our Christmas Teas collection showcases aromatic single tins, adorned in festive drapes for a quick buy.
Every now and then, we at TDT, also love to pamper ourselves and splurge. 2020 has given us more reasons to slow down for self-love and care. Our select holiday brews make for the best bed-side sip after a long day or an ideal partner for a good weekend movie!
Last but not the least, the work Secret-Santa awaits your gift! We made it 3-step easy for you with our Santa-themed boxes. Select one with teas that best suit your secret giftee, add to cart and let us ship happiness to them.
Want to add a customised Christmas card to your gifts? We can customise your Christmas Card to look delightfully festive while expressing your affection for dear ones!
We also take bulk corporate orders and can customize the tins for large orders. Brighten up your loved ones’ moods this season, with our limited edition Christmas Gifting collection.
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