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Once Tried, Forever Loved

If tea is something that makes you want to stop what you’re doing, take a breather and sip it with calm, then your daily cup of tea is not just a beverage but an important opportunity for self-care and reflection! To fulfil this very important need, we introduced our Japanese Green Tea range, filled with rare and precious Japanese brews, meant to therapeutically heal you and take you on an authentic Japanese Tea sojourn.

Presenting our all-new Japanese Green Tea Collection 

When one says Green Tea, the immediate connection we make is with over-the-counter green tea bags sold commercially, that claim to offer a handful of health benefits. With this write-up, we would like to give you a differentiated insight into a special whole leaf green tea range that is a lot more than the former tea bags of dust. In our last blog on why Japanese Green Teas are special, we spoke about the ancient history and origin of Japanese Green Teas with a brief introduction to the most popular green teas hailing from the land of tea-ceremonies. 

In this read, join us to further understand how these teas are unique due to their making processes, part of the tea plant used and locations of the tea-farm regions and why you should try them and include them in your daily lifestyle choices. 

Japanese green teas consist of high proportions of amino acids in their dark green leaves that offer a delicious umami flavour to the tea along with a wide range of health benefits. To preserve these flavours and nutrition profiles, the Japanese follow steaming methods to prepare their whole-leaf teas, to enhance the layered taste notes of these plants.  There are over 100s of Japanese green teas known to the world today, but 6 of them are the most popular green teas that you must try in order to immerse yourself in their full-bodied yet refreshing flavours and aromas. So, sit back and relish expertise and magic in a cup with these precious brews!


Hailing from the scenic prefectures of Kagoshima, this tea is created with a unique method of shading, blocking about 50% of direct sunlight. From which, Kabusecha gets its extraordinary umami character and rare sweetness. While in other shaded Japanese teas, the farms are covered from over top; while growing kabusecha, the tea plant itself is shaded before new sprouts emerge!

Why you should try it

Its unique growing method encourages this tea to garner evolved flavour profiles and health benefits that are unique only to this shaded green tea. It is also known to be a trusted source to improve mindfulness and helping to ward off cold. Brew this tea anytime during the day and help yourself to a healthy dose of happy endorphins!

Taste and Aroma Notes

A striking umami flavour is prominent that makes its way through hints of vegetal and grassy notes.

Bright Green Sencha

Reimagine calm with this vibrant green tea, grown under full-sunlight that proudly offers a delicious, and nutty flavour. Sencha is one of the most popular Japanese teas that is traditionally simmered and steamed carefully by tea masters with special blending techniques!

Why you should try it

Soon after being plucked, the fresh sencha green tea leaves are given a quick steam to prevent oxidation, sealing in the dark green colour and flavour. This in turn works to delight your senses with mild, oceanic aromas. 

Taste and Aroma Notes
Made with a traditional 'kill-green' style, Sencha is blended harmoniously to create deep vegetal flavours, full-bodied oceanic and buttery notes with a refreshing lightness that can be brewed hot, or enjoyed as a delicious iced-tea!

Green tea but texturally earthy brown!

When you're in the mood for a low-caffeine Houjicha latte, savour this toasty brew with edges of soft caramel notes. Being roasted over charcoal’s high heat, Houjicha attains a signature reddish-brown hue that pronounces an enjoyable, earthy aroma and smoky sweetness.

Why you should try it

Due to it’s deep, earthy undertones, you might mistake it to be one like coffee! But it’s certainly not. This 100 year old tea is carefully roasted to perfection in order to give you a cupful of caramel goodness, that makes for a great afternoon or evening drink.  

Taste and Aroma Notes

Its warm, toasty notes and smoky fragrances, are a pleasure to be savoured after meals.

Sweet Gyokuro 

Another rare shaded Japanese treasure is the Gyokuro tea, that is similar to gentle refreshing breezes of relaxation. Traditional curtains are used to block 85% of the sun rays while growing this tea as its sweet flavours flourish over a long period of time in clay-rich soil.

Why you should try it

Better known as the Emperor of Japanese Teas, these rare plants with young sprouts plucked, speaks of sweet, mild flavours as without bitter tannins. This makes it one of the most expensive Japanese green teas, and a preferred brew to be sipped from daylight to twilight.

Taste and Aroma Notes

Only the youngest, finest leaves yield this rare brew brimming with nutty fragrances and an elegant sweet character.

Fine, golden instant tea

Say hello to ‘instant tea’ with Japan’s crowd-favourite brew, Konacha! An effortless sip, this finely powdered tea composed of Gyokuro and Sencha buds, dissolves so quickly, you will be amazed.

Why you should try it
A delicately-powdered Japanese green tea, Konacha is better known as fine gold-dust with a pleasing mouthfeel that offers the wholesome versatility of two different tea plants, making it immensely rich in antioxidants and an aid to lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Taste and Aroma Notes

Konacha introduces you to a soothingly mild and grassy, subtle aftertaste that satiates your cravings just like a fulfilling dessert, but a healthy one!

Organic Fukamushicha

Fukamushi-cha is the perfect Japanese green tea to share with close friends and toast to good times. This Japanese green tea offers a depth and tasteful sweetness like none other, as it is steamed three to four times longer, to taste as versatile as it does!

Why you should try it

Explore limitless notes of soft vibrancy, a nuanced aroma  and creaminess in a single sip, with this tea. Adding to its taste, this deep-steamed brew is rich in nutrients and keeps your heart healthy and stress-free, while you sip on to relaxing joy.

Taste and Aroma Notes

Grassy, creamy and mellow, all harmoniously balanced with a sweet undertone.

The Best of 3 Worlds

Liked all these Japanese Green Teas but can’t decide which to pick? Here’s a Set of 3 Japanese Green Teas that we specially curated. The “Soulful Japanese Teabox includes sampler green tea packs of Sencha, Gyokuro and Konacha, for you to savour the best of 3 worlds. This pack is great for a quick buy and allows you to try and decide which green tea suits your taste profiles best, so next time you can get a larger pack of the same tea. 

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