High-TeaWare Guide

A little bit of amusement in times of uncertainty is important. Treat yourself and your family and friends to a classy afternoon tea party to lighten up the mood and come closer as a family. However, here’s what you need to know before organizing that royal, classy par-tea at home.
Devouring amazing food should be a multisensory experience. One that is pleasant to the eyes, soothes the mind and calms your nerves like an instant surprise. The essence of an elegant High-Tea party is not only in the food you serve but also in the teaware and accessories.

Nows let’s go add 5 stars to your (we’re sure) already amazingly planned Afternoon Tea party!

1. Classic White & Gold Porcelain Centerpiece - High Tea Stand
When planning any event, the centerpiece is undeniably important. It is what draws the attention of your guests and makes a statement. You can count on our , 3- Layer Classic White and Gold Porcelain High Tea stands to add flair and royalty to your Par-Tea!If you’re using our Luxury 2-Layer High tea stand, you could place sandwiches on the second layer and go for some scones and cupcakes on the first layer.

When using our Luxury 3-Layer High tea stand, let your imagination run wild and place some amazing sandwiches or something heavier on the third layer. The second layer will have something lighter comparatively, like macaroons and cupcakes. For the first layer, place a mix of scones and strawberries as you please!

Now you know what, there’s another twist you can bring to a traditional High tea party. Who said samosas and kachoris aren’t fancy? Lookup for recipes and add them to a very Indian themed but royal tea party!

2. Choosing the most important teaware - A Teapot
We don’t want you to fret and invest too much time into choosing the tableware and accessories when planning the tea party inside out. Here are our pastel teapots with a golden finish that will enchant all eyes! They look like King’s and Queen’s, Prince and Princesses - adding a royal touch everywhere they go. They come in different sizes and elegant looks, you’ll try hard not to fall in love with them all!
But if you’re looking for something more traditional or simple, we have a wide range of traditional looking purple clay teapots that will have your guests glancing at, over and over again!

3. The UL-TEA-MATE experience - Cups and Saucers
Aesthetically pleasing is what you should look for when deciding how you’d like your guests to enjoy tea. Either mix different colours of cups and saucers or stick to a single colour and style, but make sure the colours warm your spirits and delight your senses before they kiss your lips. Our collection of Moonlight Sonata Cups and Saucers are indeed meant to give you a happy high and the Enchanted Chalice cups and saucers - a royal feeling, while the pastel colours of our English Ecstasy Cups and Saucers soothe you.

These are what would make a perfect afternoon tea party! Add them to your collection and all you have to do is get right into filling up these already chic, classy, and adorable items with yummy, delightful food and you’re great to go!

In case you want to keep it truly minimal, our simple but elegant glassware teapots and cups will do the work for you!

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