How often have you heard your friends or colleagues express that, “My lifestyle has gone for a toss!”, “Who has the time to exercise?’ or “I wish my health could take care of itself!” With busy lifestyles our health and wellness tend to take a backseat. But in reality taking care of one’s health has never been as complicated as it seems.

Most of our health issues would be resolved if we choose healthy addictions and become involved in mindful eating. You are what you eat (and drink) after all! With this read, we want to walk you through the lane of good and clean energy! A superfood on its own, Matcha is your saviour for hangover mornings, long meetings, that early run you have been wanting to start, and even for the busy wedding season when rest is rare!

First things first - a quick simplification of the Matcha concept for you, if you are a Matcha newbie-

How Matcha is grown
Matcha is a rare type of ‘Shaded Japanese Green Tea’, where tea plants are covered and shaded for over 20-30 days. This kind of shading allows them to garner high chlorophyll levels. After plucking leaves grown in this way, they are steamed and dried before stone-grinding to create the finely powdered, signature vibrant green colour of Matcha and its smooth vegetal taste. The best example of this is our Organic Spring Matcha.

But why are Matcha plants shaded? Don’t they need natural sunlight to grow? They definitely do. But shading the plants creates a ‘productive stress’ in the leaves that helps it to become more healthy and flavourful. Just like healthy-stress beats out lethargy from us humans and makes us perform better!

Whole-leaf usage
A true matcha powder is made using the entire leaf and when you mix the powder for your brew, you are consuming the entire leaf in its whole and that is one of the main reasons why Matcha is so nutritious, because no part of the leaf is wasted. Not a surprise that this tea is known as a ‘true leaf green tea’ and a more ‘superior graded green tea’ with 15 times the health and energy benefits of regular green tea. Consuming Matcha directly in entirety enhances its health properties drastically.

Best Matcha
Since Matcha became the talk of the town, everyone wants a hand at making it available. But it is important not only to have Matcha in your cup, but to have the best quality Matcha. The best Matcha is hand-picked and made with tender leaves of the first Spring harvest to extract delicate green hues for the highest quality ever. Tea plucked with care at the right time, infuses a strong umami flavour, delicate sweetness with very little astringency and a creamy, full-bodied essence in your cup. Now you know the difference between “our” Matcha and “their Matcha”!
How to make Matcha:
Add Matcha to a cup with hot water based on the thickness you want, whisk in a zigzag motion until frothy. It is ready when it exudes a grassy, lush texture and uniform bubbles in the froth. An important thing about Matcha consumption is to never have it on a completely empty stomach. A fruit or a light snack if not a meal, before Matcha is a good idea.

Why your life will be better with Matcha
While enhancing your mood, improving focus, boosting immunity with its plentiful antioxidants and detoxifying your body, Matcha is actually the healthiest beverage choice you will make. Find out why:
Best ever substitute to coffee
Busy days demand for higher energy and caffeine is an easy option, but excessive caffeine might result in you feeling restless and anxious with unnecessary stress hormones, as caffeine creates a sudden jump and crash in energy. Matcha has lesser, healthier caffeine that generates a longer and more consistent release of energy. It invigorates your mind and boosts your brain function with zero jitters, by eliminating bad toxins from the bloodstream.

Calms you Down
When you start your day with Matcha, you wake up feeling good; and with its calming abilities, Matcha helps you to go about your day without worry. It makes you aware, optimistic and puts you in a more rejuvenated state of mind. Since years, the amino acid L-theanine in the leaves of Matcha green tea has been proven to help with meditation and moments of tranquility!

Makes you look younger
The antioxidant and catechin rich brew of Matcha helps to repair damaged DNA and strengthen body cells, thereby slowing your skin’s aging process and making you look younger. Its powdered consistency with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties helps to reduce blemishes, and makes your skin glow. It is ideal to be used as topical face packs or mixed with home-made fruit scrubs.

It is high in Fiber
Matcha is indeed the easiest way to get your daily dose of dietary fiber intake. Its high fiber properties help to stabilize blood sugar levels, detox the gut and enable regular bowel movements. The benefits of adequate fiber in the body reflects in your overall wellness.

Matcha before workout
While being active, combined with a nutritious diet helps to keep one healthy, to build optimal energy the body needs a disciplined lifestyle and an extra boost of energy which might be lacking sometimes. This might pose a challenge for you to meet your fitness goals. Try a single tsp of Matcha before your workout and watch it boost your endurance and metabolism. Matcha has the least amount of calories and is known to naturally increase the body's heat and energy levels during strength training and cardio, helping you to burn more calories and accelerate weight loss. So, cut out on artificial pre-workout steroids and gear up for your fitness journey with Matcha.

Another important benefit of sipping on this energy powerhouse drink regularly is a healthy ‘Heart’. Proteins in Matcha work towards cleansing the bloodstream, eradicating bad cholesterol and plaque from the arteries. This encourages your heart to function more smoothly with lesser chances of a stroke or attack. Although Matcha is not a miracle powder to cure existing ailments, it surely is a healthy addition to your life that you will be thankful for. Want to make Matcha at home? Try our Matcha accessories. What starts with an experimental cup a day, quickly settles as a rare and acquired taste with sweet undertones. While a suiting drink on its own, this delicate green powder is used in shakes, lattes, ice creams, macaroons or simply sprinkled into curries, breakfast bowls and smoothies. Used in any way, there are several ways and reasons to love Matcha green tea! 

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