Undiscovered facts about Green Tea

A quest for the world’s best teas is incomplete without Green Tea, the most favoured health beverage.  

 TDT co-founder & India’s 1st ITMA certified tea blender, Jiten Sheth trekked up high mountains, met various tea farmers and scientists to find the best Green Tea produce in the world and succeeded!

While the world perceives Green Tea as a weight loss drink, Jiten Sheth learnt some astounding facts about the tea, which the world still isn’t aware about. Here are some of them. Get ready to be startled!

  • Meet the family: Camellia Sinensis

You heard that right! The leaves are produced from Camellia Sinensis,  a bushy shrub which also produces over 1000 different Black Teas, Oolong Teas, White Teas & Yellow Teas. The Green Tea leaves do not go under any process of oxidation which makes them different from the rest.

  • Green Tea = 1

 Botox= 0

It is said that the Japanese live longer and look younger due to their Green Tea drinking habit. They start drinking Green Tea early on from their childhood. Not only does Green Tea possess anti-aging properties but also a host of other benefits such as high anti-oxidant content, stress busting, cholesterol control, skin care and last but not the least, weight loss.

  • Nobody brews it like the Chinese

That China produces some of the best Green Teas of the world is well known-fact. But do you know the teas China is most proud of? Dragonwell, Tai Ping Hou Kui, Maofeng, Silverneedle, Chanxin Quesh, Bi Luo Chun are amongst the top 10 teas of China and have been consumed since times immemorial.


  • No match for Matcha

Matcha is the most powerful Green Tea in the world. In fact, 1 cup of Matcha equals 10 cups of regular Green Tea in terms of nutritional content. Looks like it’s time to bid adieu to the daily cup of coffee and replace it with Matcha instead.

  • Sip. Repeat

We all agree that multiple cups of Green Tea in a day can do wonders for one’s health.  But did you know that Green Teas can also be re-steeped, some even upto 5 times? All you need – 3 gms of your favourite loose tea leaves and warm water. You can make the experience even more seamless & convenient by using tea infusers, whether at home or work station.

  • A good Green Tea is never bitter

“The healthiest Green Teas are most bitter”, is one of the most common misconceptions about Green Tea. A majority of people find Green Teas bitter since they opt for tea bags. In reality, the whole Green Tea leaves plucked from high mountains of China & Japan are pleasant tasting, if brewed in accordance with the brewing time and methods.

Hence, TDT tea blender, Jiten Sheth only recommends to brew  loose tea leaves as a healthy addiction.

  • What time is Green Tea time?

While Green Tea is an all-day beverage, there are 2 ideal times to consume Green Tea. Morning, because your metabolism is at the highest, thus boosting weight loss & evening since your metabolism drops contributing to weight gain. It is also advised to avoid Green Tea at night due to its caffeine content.