Valentine Gifts that Promise to Wow!

Now, we don’t mean to transcend you from what you’re doing to a romantic island-holiday feel already, but have you ever thought - what is it about love that makes the world go round? That touch, that hug; how does it make everything better! And no matter how busy our lives are and all the things we have to do, love makes all of it worth it! 

While designing and curating our Valentine’s collection, we thought of what Love means. What is love for us, you, them and everyone? Could you define it in one word? Surely not! Love can mean different things for each one of us. Love is special, it is cute and sometimes weird and twisted! So we made our Valentine’s collection follow suit, and reflect all the uniqueness, that makes love how wonderful it is. This thought behind our Love Edition gift boxes, exudes the warmth, feeling of togetherness and joy that being with your loved one offers.

Love is a little bit of everything

So, what does love mean for you? If it’s a feeling of home and warmth, where you have all that you need and nothing (even hugs and cuddles) is in short supply, then we made something for you. From candles and statement, sophisticated mugs to nuanced teas, these gift boxes and more, are just what you need to get that feeling of home!

From Now to Forever

Be My Girl

Missing You Around

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More from this range is our thoughtful range of Tea-Care packages including -

So Glad I Found You

Dreaming of You

and more!

These affectionately designed and packed gifts include a mug, a candle and 2 varieties of teas. So wake up with breakfast in bed, your loved one in arms and experience love at first sip!

Turn up the romance

Just one look at these cutely wrapped teas, and you have swayed them off their feets! With 4 different varieties of green teas and floral blends these gifts are just right for the complete Valentine's week. Each day a new brew stirs up sparkling chemistry and flirty romance!

A Love So Beautiful

What To Do, I Love You

A lasting feeling of cuddles

Love is when their touch gives you butterflies and all you want is long nights while holding them close! TDT’s Love Gifting Edition is an ode to all those warm and fuzzy 3 am calls that feel like cuddles! Whirlwind romance or a romedy rollercoaster ride - whatever your love story, it’s truly special and must be celebrated! To toast to them, check these out-

Love You 3000

Warm Fuzzy Heartbeats

TDT gift boxes are made to impress that refined tea-lover you’re in love with. If you and your partner are fans of high quality, loose leaf tea, explore -

Together Forever

Darling Just Hold My Hand

Now that you found this adorable gift box, are you all set for an evening to be remembered? These gifts are perfect for you to savour rich black tea, floral and green tea blends. And for when you’d simply fancy an individual tin for your own leisurely brew and self-love dose, visit our Valentine Teas collection to explore teas that love you like you love tea and are great for a quick buy!

Want to add a customised Valentine’s card to your gifts? We can customise cards for you that are all about sweet, rosy love. We also take bulk corporate orders and can customize the tins for large orders. Brighten up your loved ones’ moods this season, with our limited edition Valentine Gifting collection.

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