What goes on inside the mind of an insomniac?

Disliking the night because you’re afraid of hearing your alarm ring before you slip into slumber

Disliking mornings because you’ll always be too far from the idea of “Good Morning”

Disliking afternoons because of the sheer lack of motivation to do any work

A disorder, more problematic than it actually sounds, Insomnia is gradually affecting majority of urban population, owing to hectic lifestyle, work stress, long and unsteady work hours, unhealthy diet and a lot more factors. According to studies, 72% Indians wake up 1-3 times per night, 93% are sleep deprived and 20% Indians suffer from chronic Insomnia.

But that’s not even the worst part! Did you know? Only 2% discuss their sleep disorders with their physician.

What are the measures to cure this overlooked yet major health issue? The immediate measure to treating insomnia should be contacting your doctor. However, for milder sleep issues or for ensuring optimum sleep in course of your lifetime, make Valerian Root Tea your healthy addiction.

A lesser known remedy for a widely faced health problem,  here’s all you need to know about the wonder herb, Valerian Root.


There are 2 different legends associated with the word Valerian.  Some say that it is derived from the word, “valere” which means to be in health and the other derivation is from the word Valerius, a man who was the first one to use Valerian Root as medicine. The use of this adaptogen herb has ranged from medieval times till present day.

Considered as treatment for a range of ailments since 2nd Century, by 18th Century, Valerian Root gained the most prominence for its ability to cure disorders of the nervous system. In fact, it was also used during the 1st and 2nd World Wars for treating panic and stress.

Over time, Valerian Root came to be considered as the cure for a range of ailments such as headaches, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, palpitations and most commonly, insomnia, giving it the title of “All Heal”


Valerian is the most under-rated and effective remedy for insomnia. It is known to stimulate the brain’s GABA receptor, responsible for relaxation of brain and muscle. GABA is an amino acid, the levels of which need to be maintained in adults to prevent them from suffering from insomnia.

According to studies, those who have 30% more of this brain chemical are good sleepers.


For those who don’t want to count sheep all night, India’s 1st certified tea blender, Jiten Sheth has created a special tea blend called Goodnight Kiss Tea Blend which includes Valerian Root combined with other powerful ingredients such as Star Anise and Licorice Root.

Star Anise provides a natural sweetness to the herbal tea blend and boosts heart health, prevents fungal infections, fights flu and regulates blood sugar. On the other hand, just like Valerian Root, Licorice Root is also known to have adaptogenic qualities contributing to prevention of fatigue, stress and tiredness. Composed of all 3 ingredients, the tea blend prevents sleep disorders, promotes relaxation, eases heart burn, prevents joint pain and boosts overall immunity.

Ditch the unprescribed sleeping aids available in the market which are risky and leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Valerian Root works with your body’s chemistry to help get your nightly rest back on track.

Our recommendation: If you’re drinking Valerian Root Tea for the first time, start with a smaller quantity of 50 gms loose leaves which can brew upto 25 cups.

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