Why Blooming Teas are also known as the Most Dramatic Teas of All

When you are at a live cocktail bar waiting for your drink, have you noted all the elaborate yet captivating drama out there? It isn’t just plain-old pouring and mixing that you see, it is an electrifying, almost mesmerizing sight to watch. Those sky-high pours of gin and tonic, extravagant styles of backward pour, vigorous blending, beautifully perfect placing of garnishes and so much more! This drama makes sipping cocktails at a live bar all the more exciting - might we say an ‘adventurous’ experience!

This is just the kind of extravagance that our Blooming Teas offer.

The art of creating blooming teas has been practiced for centuries with a more original, raw taste profile. But now, since they are made with higher-grade tea leaves creating a more refined and appealing flavour, they are gaining more popularity. Most flowering teas are relished today to offer an exotic, one-of-a-kind tea experience that delights and stimulates one's senses and invites precious moments of calm into the day.

What exactly are Blooming Teas?
Each blooming tea ball consists of tea leaves that are carefully wrapped and bound around flowers together in a bulb and kept aside to dry. Green tea flowering blooms are first steamed and then dried. These teas are precious herbal and aromatic flowers that are picked and hand-woven around fine green tea leaves, in the shape of tiny spheres. When hot water is added, these tea balls open and bloom right before your eyes into breathtaking flowers. The best part is that the entire process happens live before your eyes allowing you to enjoy an ethereal experience!

A spectacular yet therapeutic delight!
When you see a beautiful flower unfold in your glass or tea-pot, the sight is beyond comparison. Each blooming tea also known as ‘flowering tea‘, blooms in a unique way creating the sight of a sun rising in a time-lapse mode like our Carnation Crown blooming tea. When you want a break but can’t get out to the lush green mountains or the scenic beach to unwind and rejuvenate, a blooming tea is just what you need.
Simply drop a flowering tea-ball of your choice into hot water and soak in the healing magic.
It makes you forget your worries, be present in the moment and savour finer joys. The sight of blooming teas has a therapeutic effect on your senses and helps you calm tense nerves and relieve anxiety.
Here’s where all the action blooms
As their alluring flowers unfold, blooming teas offer more than only their mesmerizing beauty to you. The special polyphenols found in blooming teas effectively rejuvenate your skin and provide much-needed collagen and elasticity to your skin, while nourishing it from the inside and improving longevity and suppleness. They are also known to cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria, eliminate bad breath and protect gums. When rare flowers brew with the interlaced whole leaf green tea leaves, they infuse the glass with flavonoids, catechins and antioxidants, which can't be found in other teas.
Perfect gift for tea lovers in your life
These artisan blooming teas are quite en vogue today and make for the perfect gift for tea lovers, or loved ones that would enjoy a soothing spectacle! Our carefully selected blooming teas include only the purest flowers, beautifully hand tied to create a refreshing floral and fruity flavour. You can also add a drop of honey as per your taste preferences. These flowering teas also look extraordinary as centerpieces, for your lunch or dinner gatherings similar to our Jasmine & Lily blooming tea.
Explore our Blooming Teas Collection
To create the most satisfying flowering-tea saga, we sourced precious, healing flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Carnations, Jasmines, Globe Amaranths and more for our blooming teas. Click here to explore our full collection of exotic blooming teas!
In order to open up the flowering teas, it is essential to use boiling water. The dried flowers wrapped in tea leaves will bloom once boiling water is added.
What’s more?
Each bloom can be re-steeped multiple times. The precious scents and flavours easily last to deliver 2 to 3, fine pots of tea. In a more humid climate, you may refrigerate the tea blossoms in between brews.
Handcrafted with an intricate process, Blooming Teas are a great way to entertain your loved ones and friends at any get-together. These magical beauties will leave them in pure awe! Every blooming tea ball is a classic masterpiece made with immense manual finesse and skill. To explore more varieties of Blooming Teas and other Green Teas, please click here. At TDT, we also take corporate orders and can customize teas and tea-gifts for large and small orders too!
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