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SKU: GB26-A10

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Filled with timeless rejuvenation, our gift box of 3 mood based teas is exceptional yet useful. Tea blend of Yerba Mate and Mint, helps one to feel lighter after a heavy meal, along with serenity in a cup as the blooming beauties of 3 Jasmine & 1 Lily offer pure floral aromas to relieve your worries and calm tense nerves. Brew an infusion to lower stress for your dear one with our whole leaves Jasmine Tea filling the air with hints of earthy florals that magically relax!

This gift set includes -
(A) 100 gms of Yerba Mate and Mint blend 'I'm so stuffed' with our limited edition Mood Based Tea collection,
(B) 100 gms of whole leaves Jasmine Tea 'Need to lower my stress level' with our limited edition Mood Based Tea collection,
(C) 10 Pcs of 1 lily + 3 jasmines 'Feeling a little blue' blooming tea with our limited edition Mood Based Tea collection
(D) All products are packed in a beautiful Tea Care package gifting box

Gift Set Specification
TBL01-M1 Feeling a little blue, 10pcs
Delightful blooming tea with 3 Jasmines & 1 Lily enhances your mood and relieves worries.

BLD111-M7 I'm so stuffed, 100g
Invigorating brew of Yerba Mate and Mint that makes your tummy feel lighter.

JT02-M10 Need to lower my stress level, 100g
Refreshing whole leaf Jasmine Tea that helps to ease blood circulation and calm tense nerves.

Size: 38*20*10.5 cm

Material: Medium Density Fibreboard

Colour: Black

Package Contains
Gift Box : (3 - PKG03 ) + ( Gift Box - GB04 ) + ( Tea - TBL01-M1 + BLD111-M7 + JT02-M10 )

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