Sweet Chamomile Escape

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Special Facts

Know your Tea 

It’s time to be Pyjama-ready! Sleep tight after kissing this tea blend goodnight - thanks to nature's best sleep inducer and nerve calmer - chamomile, with fun Chrysanthemum plus some light and feathery blue corn petals, and lightly spicy rosemary. Nothing says Get-Set-Sleep like this blend does! 

Fun Facts! 

★ According to ancient magic rituals, rosemary is used to attract one’s beloved. It should be put into little pouches and placed under one’s pillow before bed. 

★ Christian legend tells the story of how during Mary’s trip from Bethlehem to Egypt with Joseph and Baby Jesus, she put her blue mantle on a rosemary bush, which is where the herb’s blossoms got their colour.

Multiple Infusions

➔ Re-steep the leaves 2 times using 3 grams of it in 150ml of water  

➔ Return to any used tea leaves within the same day


         50 gms= 34 cups.

Health Benefit

1. Helps fight anxiety 

2. Depression 

3. Cures insomnia 

4. Aids skin disorders 

5. Improves memory 

6. Relieves stress 

7. Boosts immunity 

8. Good for eyes

German Chamomile, Yellow Chrysanthemum petals, Blue Corn petals, Rosemary

Break free from the cocoon of lethargy and open your wings like a butterfly. Feel light as air and fly through your day with cheer. Chamomile, Chrysanthemum petals and Blue Corn petals give you the wind beneath your wings as Rosemary adds a herby touch of sprightliness. Sweet and herby, this herbal potion will leave you with a smile.

Taste Notes
Intense and refreshingly floral
Best Time
Brewing Step 1
3 gms for 150 ml
Brewing Step 2
Water temperature75-80 degrees
Brewing Step 3
Enjoy the symphonyin every sip

Number of Brews

Brewing 1st brew 2 minutes
Brewing 2nd brew 3 minutes