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    Detoxification has been used for centuries as a means to renew the body from within by flushing out unwanted toxins that may have taken up home in your body. While water plays an important role in detoxification, you will usually find it easier to detoxify using detox tea bags or detox tea leaves. It is combined with healthy eating to help the body go through a cleansing process.


    The process of detoxification has evolved through centuries but it continues to be important in many cultures. There are different ways in which detoxification is included as a part of local rituals. But the origin of detox tea cannot be clearly traced.


    There are lots of benefits in drinking detox tea. You will find yourself feeling healthier and in initial stages, it may also help you reduce weight through loss of water. The main detox tea benefits are:

    Here are a few added health benefits detox teas have to offer:
    1. Flushes out toxins from the body
    2. Helps the internal organs function more smoothly
    3. Gives you good looking skin
    4. Improves digestion
    5. Cleanses the liver and kidney from everyday impurities

    When you buy detox tea online, you will notice several types of detox teas are available based on your preference of flavours and results. Based on the detox tea price you pay, you can either get a blend of high quality leaves and ingredients or you may end up paying for relatively low quality detox tea. Some detox tea types are:

    General detox tea – It focuses on improving the functioning of important internal organs like the heart, liver and kidney.

    Everyday detox tea – An everyday detox tea is ideal for flushing out toxins from the body on a daily basis.

    Skin detox tea – Used mostly to ensure that you get a flawless skin, this type of detox tea may require you to follow a diet that promotes good skin.


    Detox tea India uses several ingredients which are inspired from Ayurveda and ancient healing practices. Some commonly used ingredients are:


    Licorice root

    Ginger root


    Cardamom seeds

    Fennel seeds

    Coriander seeds