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    Based on the type of tea you drink after a meal, you will be able to benefit from better absorption of nutrients, improved digestion, fewer gas problems and even lower cholesterol. If you are already healthy and face few digestive problems, then digestive teas can strengthen your digestive system and continue to keep it healthy. If you face digestive problems then you can buy digestive tea online or from a local store and benefit from the soothing effect that the tea has on your digestive system.

    Herbal, Peppermint, ginger, and marshmallow root are some of the tea types that may help improve digestion.



    Tea has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for a long time. Herbal teas were common in other ancient civilizations as well to promote digestion and relieve other health conditions. The use of digestive tea cannot be dated back to an exact point in history, but it can be considered as old as traditional Chinese medicine itself.


    These Digestive tea benefits are commonly reported by people who drink digestive tea

    Here are a few added health benefits digestive teas have to offer:
    1. Relief caused by post-meal discomfort in the stomach
    2. Reduces diarrhoea
    3. Reduces inflammation in the intestinal tract
    4. Relieves gas and bloating

    When you purchase digestive tea online you will have a variety of digestive tea types. Some intend to focus entirely on the improving the functioning of the digestive system while others have a holistic effect on the body.

    Pu’er tea – Since pu-er tea undergoes a process of fermentation, it is known to have good bacteria which aids digestion.

    Gyokuro – This is a type of green tea from Japan where the leaves retain their rich green colour. The catechins in Gyokuro stimulate the release of pepsin which is a digestive enzyme that ensures proper digestion.

    Darjeeling Earl Grey Leaf Digestive Tea – This variety of Darjeeling tea is not to be helpful in improving digestion and reducing discomfort caused after a meal.

    Turmeric Ginger tea – Indian traditional medicine uses turmeric as an anti-inflammatory agent in many recipes. Ginger on the other hand is an antiemetic. The tea improves digestion.


    A digestive tea blend can include one or more of the following ingredients along with a blend of the tea leaves :





    Fennel seeds