Aromatic Celebrations Diwali Gift Box

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Adorn their brightly lit homes with the soothing aromas of Jasmine, Oolong and Darjeeling Tea this Diwali. This year, let the festival of lights for your precious ones be nothing less than a joyous collision of the finest aromas and the most delicious teas. Gift them this complete package of aromatic celebrations and embellish it with lots of love and care

Sample Pack Specification

GT22 - Yunnan Green Tea

Qty - 50gms

Refined in taste, robust and long, Yunnan Green Tea, as the name suggests, originates from the Yunnan province, is known for its taste and is preferred by most Green tea lovers.

BT32 - Organic Darjeeling TGBOP 2nd Flush Black Tea  

Qty - 50gms

This Organic Darjeeling TGBOP 2nd Flush Black Tea is that natural energy-provider that will keep you charged all day! It’s dark texture and strong flavour will kickstart your mornings.

JT02 - Chinese Jasmine Tea - Argent

Qty - 50gms

With every sip you take, exhale the chaos and calm your mind with our very own Chinese Jasmine Tea. Experience the delightful explosion of vegetal flavours and floral aromas evoked from whole leaf Jasmine tea leaves.  

OT06 - Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Qty - 50gms

This semi-green fermented tea consists of rolled and curled whole leaf Oolong tea and is stuffed with loads of polyphenols with the highest health benefits. 

30*30*10.5 cm
Medium Density Fibreboard
Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : Gift Box : (4 Small Tin - PKG02 ) + (Gift Box - GB03 ) + (Tea - GT22 + BT32 + JT02 + OT06)