Fragrant Fusions Diwali Care Package


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Wish them an aromatic, lively and happier Diwali with this complete package of festive sanctity. A care package that’ll bring them immense joy is a gift box worth sharing!

Sample Pack Specification

GT31 Chaoquing Green Tea 

Qty - 50gms

These handpicked and roasted dark green wiry Green tea leaves have gained all the fame for their acquired taste. They feel one-toned vegetal to the taste buds and have a light and floaty effect on the system.

JT02 Chinese Jasmine Tea 

Qty - 50gms

With every sip you take, exhale the chaos and calm your mind with our very own Chinese Jasmine Tea. Experience the delightful explosion of vegetal flavours and floral aromas evoked from whole leaf Jasmine tea leaves.

MU19 Bold & Bright Pink Mug with Designer Golden Handle 

Qty - 1 Piece

Graced with uniqueness by a special Designer Golden Handle, this Bold and Bright Pink Mug uses stoneware as a material and is a boastful of a capacity of 500 ml. It is an ideal gift for a tea lover and will definitely make their heart happy!

CN193 Golden Lining Candle  

Qty - 1 Piece

A fragrant explosion of silver rain from this Golden Lining Candle will traverse in every corner of their homes and leave behind aromatic trails of a cool, earthy mix evoking serenity and relaxation.