Tea is often used as an energizing beverage to help you stay active the whole day. The effects of energy teas usually come from the caffeine present in tea along with other ingredients which may be added to the tea leaves. These energizing ingredients are usually herbs and spices. In countries like India where tea is the preferred beverage in most households, drinking tea for energy is a common habit.


    Energy booster tea doesn’t truly have a specific origin. Since the time tea has been consumed as a beverage, people have known about its ability to energize the body and make people feel active. Tea in India dates back to British colonial era where the British consumed huge amounts of tea that usually came from China. Eventually cultivation of tea began in Assam and India is now known to be one of the largest producers of tea.


    Energy tea powder and leaves have become a common way of staying active and healthy. Since tea is organic and does not involve the use of unwanted chemicals, energy tea is considered to be a better alternative to pills. Some of the benefits of energy tea are: • It has lower caffeine than coffee but has enough to help you feel active without having to deal with the side effects of caffeine. • You will be able to carry out daily tasks with lesser fatigue • It is an excellent beverage for beginning the day


    Popular ingredients used in energy tea bags or loose leaf teas are:

    1. Ginger
    2. Chamomile
    3. Licorice Root
    4. Peppermint
    5. Lemon

    Some of the most popular energy tea types are:

    Yerba mate – It is one of the most popular herbal teas in South America and has gradually made its way to the USA as well. Yerba Mate has a distinctive smoky flavour and heavy earthy notes. The reason why it has become a preferred tea for energy is because it has higher caffeine levels.

    Green Tea – It provides adequate amount of caffeine to keep you active the whole day.

    Black Tea – Like green tea it has a significant amount of caffeine that helps you stay active.

    Ginger Tea-Drinking ginger tea helps to boost exercise energy levels and improves circulation.

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