Flower tea also known as blooming tea is a unique type of tea which involves edible fragrant flowers to be stitched intricately inside organic tea leaves. When you brew yourself a flower tea, the ball of flower tea will unfurl itself into a delightful and aromatic bouquet in the water, releasing beautiful scents and adding delicious flavours to the tea. The closed ball of flower tea is usually known as a blooming tea bud.


    The origins of flowering tea have been difficult to trace. While some see it as a modern creation, other tea lovers believe that flower teas have been around in China for a long time. What we do know is the entire process of creating a flowering tea is extremely long and tedious. It involves choosing the right leaves, taking steps to stop oxidization and tying the leaves around the flowers to make sure they unfurl perfectly when water is added. In most cases, the leaves are hand-tied.


    Benefits of flower tea include the benefits of drinking regular tea as well as the benefits of the flowers added to the tea leaves.

    Here are a few added health benefits Flower teas have to offer:
    1. Soothing and refreshing for the body and mind
    2. Antioxidants in the tea leaves and some flowers reduce aging
    3. Helps the skin look brighter
    4. Improves immunity

    The flower tea flavours depend on the flowers you choose more than anything else. Flower tea is not as popular as any of the other types of teas. It is gradually getting recognition in places outside China but it is still rare for people to be using flower tea as their daily beverage. This probably the reason why you will not find many types of flower tea leaves.

    Some of our flower tea specialities are: HIBISCUS FLOWER TEA :Hibiscus is packed with vitamin C and is a well-known energizer.Italso helps to control blood pressure.The main ingredient is Whole Flower. CHAMOMILE FLOWER TEA:Chamomile is a well known herb, known for its calming and sleep inducing properties.It will help to inducesleep and aids digestion.

    Flower Tea Recipe:

    an added accessory used by flower tea lovers is a glass pot which allows you to see the graceful opening up of leaves. as flowers from inside leaves are released whole thing looks like beautiful bouquet in water.>

    Heat water till it reaches boiling point. Boiling water makes sure that the leaves unfurl properly. Place the blooming tea bud in the tea pot and gently pour the hot water till the flower is submerged in water Steep for 2 minutes and check in every 30 seconds to achieve the taste of your preference.

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