Brainy Missy

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Trust them when they say, they've got it all figured out. Cause’ they indeed does, most times if not all! Here’s to the game changer who inspires creativity, magic and more. Including the Rooibos Rendezvous that is blended with a rare herb grown only in South Africa and paired with mild notes of Lavender buds and delicate Chrysanthemums, this gift box also includes scented candle magic and the charming blue mug to rejuvenate after all the brainstorming!

This gift set includes –
(A) 100 gms of lavender tufts and vibrant yellow Chrysanthemum petals blend ‘Rooibos Rendezvous' in our beautiful TDT Tin,
(B) 1 pc of our Spiritual Fantasy Candle, scented with Silver Rain Fragrance,
(C) 1 pc of our Charming Ceramic Blue & White, Tea & Coffee Mug, 450 ml,
(D) All products are packed in a beautiful Tea Care package gifting box.

Sample Pack Specification

BLD25 Rooibos Rendezvous Loose Leaf Tea Blend, 100g

A rare herbal blend with delicate lavender tufts and vibrant yellow Chrysanthemum petals.

MU33 Charming Ceramic Blue & White, Tea & Coffee Mug (450ml), 1 Piece

This blue & white ceramic mug is great to hold both hot and cold beverages.

CN191 Spiritual Fantasy Candle, 1 Piece

Immerse in the light, fruity aromas of Pomegranate and Cassis with this candle, nestled in an aesthetic holder.

Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (1 - PKG03 ) + ( Gift Box - GB28 ) + ( Tea - BLD25 ) + (Mug - MU33) + (Candle - CN191)