Iced tea is a delicious cold beverage enjoyed during the summers. It is easy to prepare iced tea in various flavors. You can choose from the herbal, fruit, spices, etc. There are humongous varieties of iced tea you can make and enjoy a good summer drink. This is not your everyday elixir as drinking too much iced tea leads to kidney failure and other health complications. There are many iced tea brands to choose from. You get them in pouches and can easily rustle up a mix in your favorite flavor


    Richard Belchynden, an American merchant invented the iced tea in 1904 by putting ice in steeped tea and started selling at his fair-booth during the hot summer. Since then it has been popularized as a summer refreshment. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. You can choose from umpteen iced tea recipes and flavors and enjoy a good summer drink. Iced green tea is an herbal beverage that comes with health benefits.


    Fresh loose leaf green teas are the favourites among fitness enthusiasts. Along with White tea, it is among the least oxidized of all teas. So, the best green teas have high antioxidants and are low in caffeine, in contrast to the high caffeine Black tea. The catechins and antioxidants in green tea leaves boost metabolism and act as anti-ageing agents helping you keep in shape. Numerous recent studies have demonstrated that the aqueous extract of green tea polyphenols contains antimutagenic, antidiabetic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hypocholesterolemic properties.

    Here are a few added health benefits iced teas have to offer:
    1. It is antioxidant- rich
    2. Keeps you hydrated during hot summers
    3. A better alternative for soda drinks
    4. Lowers stress hormones
    5. A source of manganese
    6. Boost the immune system
    7. Is good for bone health
    8. Prevents chronic heart conditions
    9. I Boosts metabolism
    10. Helps in weight loss

    There are many iced tea flavors. You can purchase the pouches in the flavors of your choice from different brands and relish the healthy and tasty summer drink. The most popular flavors in iced tea are mint, raspberry, mint, peach, lemon, blackberry, etc. Iced tea is an American beverage and loved by most people during summer days. You can find iced tea prices for different flavors online.


    Most of the Asian have interesting iced tea recipes. Thai iced tea recipes use sweeteners and milk which add to the taste. Tea culture is celebrated across the world in ceremonies and events. The American tea culture is different from the Asian tea culture and has more flavors and ingredients compared to the Asian variants. You can find a huge variety of iced tea online and choose from the flavors to buy.

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