Holiday Punch for a Boss Babe Gift Set

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The ultimate holiday punch for a boss babe! We have stashed three of our most festive loose-leaf teas in motivational tea tins, so that your tree can look as good as it smells.  With minty and floral A Lot Like Love Tea Blend in our Boss Babe Tea Tin,

Grassy and earthy Matcha Green Tea – Argent in our Hustle Hard Girl Tea Tin, and floral notes of our famous Jasmine Tea – Argent in our Lady Drinking Tea Tin.

Sample Pack Specification

Qty ; 15 gms
Take a sip of Jasmine Tea and find a friend for life. With every cup, the bond deepens, as familiarity of vegetal notes and floral fragrance blossoms in your memory. An instant lift-me-up, this tea will become a companion, you revisit over the years, and find that nothing has changed.
Qty ; 15 gms
Impressionist artist Claude Monet could have easily mistaken the Green Tea powder for a colour for his landscapes. The fine grains when added to the water, open up grassy notes on whisking. Packed with benefits, it has a calming effect on drinkers.
Qty ; 15 gms
Sensual petals meet and greet minty leaves and form an influential pact that will cleanse your body and spray a room freshener in your mind. Allow the menthol to cool you down, and lead you into a garden of fragrant roses.
22.8*37 cm
MDF core paper
Red & Green
Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (Gift Box - GB24) + (3 Mini Tins - Boss Babe Tea Tin + Hustle Hard Girl Tea Tin + Lady Drinking Tea Tin) +  ( Teas - JT02 + GT69 + BLD28)