Wonderland in a cup Gift Set

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It’s the ultimate winter indulgence. This refreshing Zen Tea Blend with moringa – the natures gift in our Stay Beautiful Tea Tin,

Rare collection of sweet and mellow with a savoury finish Organic White Silver Needle Buds – Platine young buds in our Boss Babe Tea Tin, and good caffeine minty yet refreshing Minty Yerba Mate Tea Blend in our Good Morning Gorgeous Tea Tin.

Sample Pack Specification

Qty : 15 gms

Yerbamate is also known as "The Drink of Gods" in South America. The tea is a powerful energy booster and contains a good level of caffeine.

Did you know? There's good caffeine and bad caffeine. We've managed to procure the best of the best and bring to you super energy boosting tea, Yerbamate. What makes this blend more special is the addition of refreshing and tasty Mint!

Qty : 15 gms
This rare collection of young buds is plucked in spring time. The Silverneedles, are the young, top buds from the highest peaks, plucked when the winter makes way for the spring. This unoxidised clear tea is naturally dehydrated, the white hair intact. A kiss of this unprocessed White Tea on your lips will swirl you into its sublime song that sings sweet tunes of muscatel.
Qty : 15 gms
Moringa also known as a miracle plant or nature's gift, plant thanks to health benefits its packed with. Moringa makes every morning rosy, afternoon rejuvenating and gives your evenings a soothing closure. In the company of Chamomile and friendly Rooibos, this tea should slip you into a zen state, whenever, wherever.
22.8*37 cm
MDF core paper
Red & Green
Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (Gift Box - GB24) + (3 Mini Tins - Boss Babe Tea Tin + Good Morning Gorgeous Tea Tin + Stay Beautiful Tea Tin) +  ( Teas - BLD111 + WT02+ BLD108)