Jasmine tea, with its floral flavours and sweet aroma is considered to have a relaxing effect on the mind. A perfectly brewed cup of jasmine tea is a treat for the senses. It is known to be one of the most popular scented teas in the world. Fresh flowers and buds of the jasmine plant are stored along with leaves of green or oolong tea so that the flavours infuse into the tea leaves. The infusion process may last for hours or weeks depending on the taste profile that a teamaster aims to achieve. Good quality jasmine tea leaves usually go through repeated infusion to acquire the resplendent aroma of fresh jasmine flowers.


    The Jasmine plant was introduced into China through India during the rule of the Han dynasty. Jasmine was being used in tea infusions in China by the fifth century but gained popularity during the rule of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912).


    The delightful aroma of jasmine tea leavesand its delicious taste, make it very popular among tea lovers. A cup of jasmine tea is rich in nutrients which improve overall health and your immunity system. Some of the main jasmine tea benefits are:

    These benefits are attached to jasmine tea made from fresh blossoms of the jasmine flower and not if your tea includes artificial jasmine flavour. The jasmine tea price of actual jasmine tea will usually be higher than flavoured tea.

    Here are a few added health benefits jasmine teas have to offer:
    1. Relieves stress and anxiety
    2. Boosts your energy
    3. Improves heat health

    You can buy the following types of jasmine tea online:

    Loose leaf

    Tea bags


    Some of our specialities are ORGANIC JASMINE WHITE JASMINE This rare collection of young buds is plucked in spring time and enhanced by Jasmine flowers.It is packed with anti-oxidants, lowers cholesterol, Enhances mood, Relieves stress, Boosts immunity and has calming effect. The main ingredient is Whole leaves Jasmine Tea. JASMINE SNOWFLAKES TEA This tea is grown in snow-capped mountains in China due to which it gets the name "snowflakes". It is as old as 700 years and is one of the most popular teas of China. It is Packed with anti-oxidants, Lowers cholesterol, Enhances mood, Relieves stress, Boosts immunity and has calming effect.The main ingredient is whole leaves jasmine tea.


    Jasmine tea can use either green tea leaves or oolong tea. While the tea leaves offer taste, the jasmine offers an aroma to the tea. So the main ingredients in jasmine tea are: • Jasmine flowers and buds • Green tea/Oolong tea If you are buying jasmine tea online, make sure the tea you choose includes actual flower infusions and not artificial jasmine flavours.

    Jasmine tea recipe Jasmine tea has a very delicate flavour profile which is easily altered if not prepared properly. Water makes a big difference in the flavour of your jasmine tea. Filtered water has chemicals which affect the original flavour of the tea. Spring water without any treatments is considered to be best for preparing jasmine tea. It is ideal to go through instructions for brewing the tea as mentioned on the box since the quantity of tea leaves you use will depend on its quality and your taste preferences. Usually, a heaping spoonful loose-leaf of jasmine tea is used for 8 ounces of water.

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