Oolong tea leaves have a taste and flavour that can lean towards black tea or green tea depending on the amount of time that the tea master chooses to oxidize the leaves. With oxidation levels varying between 8% and 80%, oolong tea flavours can vary with every different box of oolong tea you try out. Only 2% of the tea consumed around the world is oolong tea.


    According to one of the stories related to the origin of Oolong tea leaves, it is believed that a farmer by the name of Wu Liang was picking tea when he got distracted by a deer. He followed the deer and by the time he returned to the picked leaves, they had already withered and started to oxidize. This accidental discovery of oolong tea is one of the most accepted origins of this type of tea..


    Most of the oolong tea benefits are similar to the benefits of either green or black tea because the leaves come from the same plant and include the same nutrients.

    Here are a few added health benefits oolong teas have to offer:
    1. Better heart health since it reduces inflammation in arteries and veins
    2. Antioxidants help in reducing the signs of aging
    3. Improves immunity and reduces your risk of catching common cold

    The different varieties of oolong tea are:

    Fujian oolong Guangdong oolong Taiwanese oolong tea Darjeeling oolong Assam smoked oolong Vietnamese oolong

    If you buy oolong tea online then you will find many of these varieties available. The oolong tea prices will usually depend on the area from which it is sourced and the quality of the tea leaves .

    Some of Our Oolong tea specialities are:

    CLASSIC OOLONG TEA :It is a special variety of Oolong Tea grown in Darjeeling, it is different from the other Oolong Teas and flaunts a muscatel flavour.It helps to improvebone health, Controldiabetes andboosts heart & hair health.The basic ingredient is whole leaves Oolong tea. GABA OOLONG TEA:GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid that ensures efficient functioning of your brain cells. It helps to boost memory and brain, lowers cholesterol, betters skin conditions andpromotes healthy hair.


    Oolong tea leaves can include additional ingredients to add flavour and increase the beneficial properties of the tea. Common ingredients used in oolong tea are:

    Rose petals and buds Jasmine buds Cinnamon Blood oranges Raspberries

    Oolong Tea Recipe:

    For authentic taste and flavour profiles, oolong tea should be bought either as loose leaf or leaves rolled into balls. Avoid oolong tea bags unless you are travelling. While brewing tea at home, make sure you use bottled water or filtered water. Additional chemicals from the filtered water may slightly affect the oolong tea flavours. For 6 ounces of water, use 2 tablespoons of loose leaf oolong tea.

    Boil water to about 180 degrees F. This is to the point where the water is just about to boil but has not reached the boiling point yet.

    Pour a small amount of the hot water in the tea pot and rinse it. Then place the leaves inside and pour the rest of the water. Let it steep for about a minute. Check in every 30 seconds to find out if the tea has reached your taste preference. Steep for a maximum of 5 minutes.

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