Tea connoisseurs love the use of tea bags as it lets them brew tea in a variety of flavors. You can easily brew and infuse tea with tea bags and also use them for soothing tired eyes, curing dark circles, etc. Since the 20th-century tea bags have been used widely across the world. You can shop for tea bags online and find umpteen flavors of your choice. You can get tea bags for herbal as well as flavored tea.


    Thomas Sullivan, a tea importer accidently invented the tea bags in the 20th century. Since the tea bags have been popularized all over the world. He started sending samples of tea in silk and muslin bags instead of metallic tins. Importers thought this is used for infusion and dipped it in hot water to brew the tea. This is how tea bags have been popularized since. You can check tea bags flavors and buy a pack of your choice. In the year 1930, William Hermanson invented the heat seal paper tea bag which is used today. Lipton was the first tea company to patent a tea bag to be brewed in bigger cups.


    A variety of materials have been used to make tea bags. They have been made in muslin, cheesecloth, silk, perforated paper. Amongst all these materials paper fibers, is used all over the world. Tea bags price depends on the packaging and the number of tea bags each pack has. Tea socks have also been used where you can fill in the paper with your favorite tea leaves and close it for infusion. These are disposable varieties and also used widely for their convenience of use. Many tea bags brands are available for you to choose from.

    Tea bags are not a hit amongst tea connoisseurs. They prefer special infusion methods where all the tea leaves unfurl. Tea bags are a hit amongst common people as they can make their daily cup of tea within minutes. Tea bags are also used to treat tired eyes, dark circles, for making herbal infusions, and deodorizing spaces. This is interesting information on how tea bags came into existence and have been evolved since.

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