Yellow tea is a rare delicacy known by few people who love tea. It has branched out as a type of tea in recent years although it has been around for at least 5 centuries. The process of producing yellow tea is similar to that of green tea to an extent. Young yellow tea leaves are plucked from the tea plant and go through a firing process where the enzymes which trigger oxidization are killed. The process used by yellow tea involves firing the leaves under lower temperatures and for a shorter period of time. An extra step is to wrap the freshly fired leaves in a piece of cloth or paper to allow fermentation. This creates the beautiful yellow colour and gives the tea a mild grassy yellow tea flavour.


    There is very little knowledge about how yellow tea came into existence. But it is said that yellow was the royal colour in China since the Tang dynasty, so the teamasters of the time would go through great pains to create yellow tea which was only for the emperors. This made yellow tea an exclusive beverage which was mostly meant for the royalty only. Even till this day, yellow tea remains a rarity.


    Since yellow tea leaves go through certain biochemical changes which cause the yellowing of the leaves, it is rich with nutrients, antioxidants and microorganisms which are healthy for the body. Some of the yellow tea benefits are:

    Here are a few added health benefits yellow teas have to offer:
    1. Improved heart health
    2. Protects your organs and skin from oxidative stress
    3. Improve digestion by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract
    4. It is known to improve metabolism which helps in reducing the risks of obesity and diabetes

    Jun Shan Yin Zhen–It comes from the Hunan province of China and has a flavour profile which matches a white tea.

    Huo Shan Huang Ya – This type of yellow tea comes from the Mt. Huo region of China. It has a distinctive nutty flavour along with notes of sweet pea and sweet corn.

    Darjeeling Yellow by the Kettlery – There are few Indian tea estates that produce yellow tea. One of these is the Darjeeling yellow tea with a delightful smoky taste.

    Some of our specialities are :

    ROYAL YELLOW CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER TEA It eliminates liver heat, Improves eyesight, Nourishes the throat, Controls blood pressure Cholesterol, Cools down the body and prevents sunstroke.The main ingredient is whole flower.

    HUO SHAN HUANG YA YELLOW TEA- OR It is Rich in anti-oxidants, Helps fight cancer, Good for cardiovascular health, Promotes anti-aging and protects the bones.The main ingredient is whole leaves Yellow Tea.


    Yellow tea has such a delicate flavour profile that tea lovers avoid blending it with other ingredients or adding to its flavour. It is rare to find a yellow tea that may include additives in the form of flower petals or dried fruits or spices. Yellow tea prices are usually higher than other teas because of the complex processing period.

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