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Angelic Lavender Breeze


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Know Your Tea
Want to create a relaxing evening ritual? Unwind with this soothing caffeine-free tea blend with healing properties of lavender, rejuvenating lemongrass and spicy rosemary that carry together a glorious aroma and delicate spicy flavour to relax you by tapping onto your nervous system, like a soft heavenly breeze. The perfect evening brew!

Fun Facts!

  • Some doctors perfume their waiting rooms with lavender essential oil as it is said to reduce feelings of apprehension in their patients!
  • This plant may also have healing properties. Lavender can be used to soothe sunburn, burns, and even bee stings! Simply rub the flowers on the wound.

Multiple Infusions
Re-steep the leaves 2 times using 3 grams of it in 150ml of water

Return to any used tea leaves within the same day

50 gms = 34 cups, 75gms = 51 cups, 100gms = 68 cups

Health Benefit
1. Promotes relaxation
2. Prevents digestive issues
3. Detoxifies the body
4. Good for the nervous system
5. Lowers cholesterol
6. Prevents insomnia
7. Improves memory.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Rosemary, French Lavender

Taste Notes: Sweetly sour with a hint of spice.

Best Time: Anytime

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