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The natural infusion of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants in tea applauds your skin with a glow like never before.

This Beauty Tea Kit will help you slow down early aging, hydrate your skin and add to the charm. Use 3 grams of leaves from TDT’s Beau’Tea Kit to hydrate your skin & infuse it with a natural pink glow, rebrew the leaves 2-3 times before discarding them.

Sample Pack Specification
GT53 - Organic Matcha, 15g
Nurtured with extreme care and expertise, a Japanese green tea powder that relieves stress, and calms your brain. The presence of methylxanthines stimulates microcirculation in the skin, thus augmenting the health of the skin, and ensuring an even complexion.

WT08(A) - White Silver Needle Small Bud - Platine Loose Leaf Tea, 15g
Embrace a sweet, flavorsome cup of tea with a hint of smokiness. White silver needle with small buds and thin leaves, it elevates your skin, combats dullness, spots, wrinkles, and exfoliates your skin. A cup of white tea helps in nurturing healthy and glowing skin.

BLD38 - Rose White Peony, 15g
A Romantic blend of Organic White Bai Mudan leaves, and French Pink Rose petal to make you fall in love with your skin. White peony leaves are rich in polyphenols, and nutrients, it soothes the skin, fights acne, and uplifts the mood with its charismatic fragrance.

Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : (3 Small Tin - PKG44 +PKG46 + PKG49) + (Gift Box - GB40 ) + (Tea - WT08(A) + GT53 + BLD38)

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