Brewing Life & Laughter Diwali Gift Box

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‘Tis the season of light, life and laughter! Bestow upon your loved ones the perfect blend of health and taste intermingled and stuffed with Green, Jasmine and Oolong Tea in these adorable tea tins. Every time they brew their tea, let its fragrance evoke wider smiles and remind them of you.

Sample Pack Specification

GT10 - Chunmee Green Tea

Qty - 50gms

A sweet fragrance conceived by well-manicured, hand-rolled and curled whole leaf Green tea. This yellowish green tea is known for its vegetal notes that come from the rustic ruins of Huangshan Mountain.

GT31 Chaoquing Green Tea 

Qty - 50gms

These handpicked and roasted dark green wiry Green tea leaves have gained all the fame for their acquired taste. They feel one-toned vegetal to the taste buds and have a light and floaty effect on the system.

JT02 - Chinese Jasmine Tea 

 Qty - 50gms

With every sip you take, exhale the chaos and calm your mind with our very own Chinese Jasmine Tea. Experience the delightful explosion of vegetal flavours and floral aromas evoked from whole leaf Jasmine tea leaves.

OT06 Classic Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Qty - 50gms

This semi-green fermented tea consists of rolled and curled whole leaf Oolong tea and is stuffed with loads of polyphenols with the highest health benefits.  

30*30*10.5 cm
Medium Density Fibreboard
Package Contains
Gift Box : Gift Box : Gift Box : (4 small Tin - PKG02 ) + (Gift Box - GB03 ) + (Tea - GT10 + GT31 + JT02 + OT06)