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Chamomile Lavender Jazz


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Know Your Tea
The perfect caffeine-free sleep potion! Close your eyes and feel rested as if you’re getting a full-body massage after a tiring day. The creamy taste of stress-busting lavender lingers in your mouth with the aroma of relaxing Chamomile while the playful Chrysanthemum makes this blend light enough to sip on at night time. Now wish insomnia goodbye and yourself, sweet dreamzZZ…

Fun Facts!

  • Lavender can even be effective in treating sore throats! Boil lavender flowers in water, strain, add a spoonful of honey and enjoy. The anti-inflammatory properties should make you feel better!
  • Several cultures have a ritual of bathing newborn babies for the first time in chamomile water (a dilute tea form of the herb). This tradition is a therapeutic practice that is both medicinal and enchanting for the baby and the bather. Many old world religions performed blessings in flower water.

Multiple Infusions
Re-steep the leaves 2 times using 3 grams of it in 150ml of water
Return to any used tea leaves within the same day

50 gms= 34 cups, 75gms = 51 cups

Health Benefit
1. Packed with anti-oxidants
2. Removes toxins
3. Promotes relaxation
4. Digestive care
5. Detoxifies the body

Ingredients: Yellow Chrysanthemum petals, German Chamomile, French Lavender buds

Taste Notes: A mellow blend with a slightly creamy texture and soothing aroma.

Best Time: Anytime

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