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Chinese Premium Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower tea Packet, 20pcs


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The bright yellow liquid reminds one of Sunflowers that post-Impressionist artist Van Gogh painted, with his typical vibrant strokes. Let the drink flow into your body, and open new ideas and happy spots in your mind. Make tea your companion that opens the mind and allows creative ideas to flow freely.

Did you know? It was a tribute tea to the emperor in the ancient times. You can consume endless cups of tea in a day.

Multiple Infusions
Don’t throw away your tea after steeping it! One of the greatest advantage of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

This tea can be re-steeped 4 times. We recommend using 1 piece of this whole leaf tea for 150ml of water

20 pcs = 80 cups of tea

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Health Benefit
Eliminates liver heat, Improves eyesight, Nourishes the throat, Controls blood pressure and cholesterol, Cools down the body, Prevents sunstroke.

Ingredients: Whole Flowers

Origin: China

Taste Notes: Sweet, rich aroma

Best Time: Daylight to twilight

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