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Chinese The Marigold Match Blooming Tea, 10 pcs


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The vibrant, chrome yellow hues of Marigold instantly enliven your mood just by the sight of this tea with refined green tea leaves intricately tied around graceful blooms of 2 marigolds flowers. Revered for its medicinal benefits, every cup of this blooming tea rejuvenates your insides and gently hydrates your body.

Blooming magic
The layered petals of our Marigold blooms are delicately hand woven with care and masterfully tied together with tender green tea leaves to create a blooming tea that delights all your senses. When the tea bloom is dropped in freshly boiled water, it “blooms” magically in your teapot or glass like a flower.

Taste Notes:
Experience a content and hydrating mouthfeel with mellow, floral flavours.

Multiple Infusions
Don't throw away your tea after steeping it! One of the greatest advantage of drinking whole leaf tea is that each serving of leaves can be re-steeped many times.

This tea can be re-steeped 3 times. We recommend using 1 Piece of this whole leaf tea for 150ml of water

10 Pcs = 30 Cups of tea

We recommend returning to any used tea leaves within the day.

Health Benefit
Good for digestion,
Skin care,
Immune system,
Good for Eyes,
Eases cramps.

Ingredients: 2 marigolds

Origin: China

Best Time: Anytime

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